I already did what I said




When I wrote these articles on March 2, 2023 any of the influential and authoritative people in the world couldn’t laugh at them…

It became apparent that Istanbul already defeated Russia. A small number of armed military force was about to take over Moscow without encountering any obstacles. Because the government/state system is no longer functioning in Russia. Even in this time of crisis, they are trying to recruit the last criminals in prison by force. There is no longer a state system as Russia. They have no soldier, weapon, vehicle and ammunition, they don’t even have bullets. They don’t have money, treasury. The real Lavrov has been gone for months. The one who in appearance is not the real Lavrov. It is also not clear that if the real Putin is alive. Any state can take over Russia easily.









You forget so easily. Review the publication history of the Akademi Dergisi, search for it, you will see and remember all of it.

And do not surprise…

I have done what I have said. The USA, China, Russia, England, Taiwan, the South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkiye come to the forefront of these countries which are already collapsed.

There are false official statements, flase official data in all these countries and the press and the media in those countries are under censorship. Also, they use the unbacked money to make the countries look like they are still afloat. Even the character called the king Charles closely follows the unbacked money (sterling) businesses. In so many countries, the unbacked money, the foreign exchanges are printing by their own secret intelligences. The MİT prints billions of unbacked dollars and euros at their own safe places in Turkiye and roll them out to the market through their own personnel and the mafias under their control. These secret intelligences are getting organized through the Masonry and trying to keep tens of countries afloat. But it cannot work that way anymore. The covered wounds cannot heal, it makes it grow more and will begin to suppurate.

And also, tens of countries who are connected to the Ankebut Cult are working in an illegal and unofficial way behind the background to hide this major defeat. They demonstrate an extreme understanding to each other, support each other unofficially, and they tell lies/false stories to the world humanity in an organized way.

The world order has already changed, gentlemen! Are you still one of those who are deceived by them? It has changed a great deal that I don’t even need to interfere with the field.

There is tea, would you like to have some? Blissful tea?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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