Updated risk map

The risk is higher than ever for the area marked in green. The western part of the region may sink into the ground starting from the sea at any moment. Even if the right side of the area wouldn’t collapse, this will lead to major problems.

The risk will suddenly and greatly increase in the area marked in yellow after the collapse occur in the area marked in green. Although the chance of a collapse occurring in the area is very small, but major earthquakes and giant waves (tsunamis) enough to go down in history may occur.

The area marked in red will become an area which will never recover again because of what will happen. Even the technology the aliens have will be inadequate. It will transform into a completely unsafe region that no one should live in, it will be a region which will no doubt soon be collapse but it will be unclear when this will happen. Because there are underground cities under the region marked in red and even now, they are in bad conditions.

Their problems will become gigantic when the expected collapses begin to occur and will become unsolvable.

All the living beings will have to stay away from the area marked in red, both under and above the ground.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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