You do not know how to play

You get excited, get carried away each time and soon after, you hit a hard rock.

Each time, you experience the same thing but you never stop doing the same. You cannot act smart even for two seconds. Sit and think, evaluate before you get angry but you don’t.

What is going to happen, now? The whole world can see your current condition… You embarrassed yourselves to the mediums, astrologers, they know how bad your conditions are. Your damaged reputation is now completely ruined. You are embarrassed.

Wake your deads up, could they wake up, can you bring them back to life? Wake up those of you who are in coma, those who killed themselves. Heal those who are exposed our signals and burned or suffer from diseases.

Bring back the trains collided head-on, the sunken ships, the broken submarines, the broken/collapsed computing systems, the officers who dropped from the game, the politicians who had accidents. You get angry but it’s you who are destroyed.

There is a saying in our country that “sharp vinegar damage its own earthenware jar”.

As I have said for years, you are nothing but a bunch of idiots but you are lucky that the mass of people are characterless, reckless, fool as much as you are.

It is not my concern what you do anymore. I will make you worse if you try again to mess with me, with my crew and with those who are on my side.

You held one more so-called election by organizing a worldwide mobilisation. You have established a very clear CIA government, a NATO government. You officially made the thick-headed the head of MİT. You made Hakan Fidan the foreign minister who is a secret Armenian and who have said that “I can send two of my men to Syria, I make them fire four missiles, it is that easy to have a cause of war.” There is not even one real Turkish and muslim person in the cabinet. Almost all of them are secret Armenians… You did not recognize the law. You have created an illegal administrative staff.

Despite the worldwide mobilization you have, you couldn’t protect Muharrem İnce. Despite the very big alliance and a great effort, you are that powerless and weak that you cannot even prevent Muharrem İnce from exposing our metaphysical signals. When will you tell what Muharrem has been through to the herd that cannot be called people? People who focused on him in some of his photographs can sense that his eyes look like he is lunatic but someone should publicly talk about these shocking facts.

You were nearly lose Tayyip on the same days. You couldn’t prevent him exposing our signals, having a seizure when he was live on tv.

Is this all of your metaphysical power?

We did not destroy you because this people did not stand tall. You go back and take a look at what I’ve written, it is not for any other reason. The descend people will not be the head of this country, unless this people correct itself.

Now, you are conducting a historic military exercise in Germany. What was the purpose of this plan? How did you calculate its date and details, what would it turn into, what would be its message? What will be now?

Would you respond to Turkiye’s struggle for its true freedom with only 250 planes? Would you respond to the collapse of CIA and NATO governments in Ankara?

Do you still have 250 planes left which can really fly?

If we put all of that 25 countries, could they even have the power of one Turkiye?

The day will come and I will tell what happened to you. The heartbeats of your dogs on leash, those unofficial CIA staff could be heard from here, from Istanbul. I will tell that we made it this far but this damn people didn’t even care, even though we made it so easy to collapse it by blowing on it, they didn’t care.

Now, do you really think that you brought your own government to power in Turkiye, you prevented Turkiye from gaining its true freedom and you think that you can keep going on like this?

No, no… This herd that cannot be called people can go to hell but you are finding and will continue to find the punishment that you deserved. I have declared that all the parties who are in the background of this election process and even the Special companies will be punished. You will see what will happen to you. Even the ground slips under your feet, and the number of those who cannot sleep at night is not small.

I can talk about your defeat, how weak and how you bottomed out for hours… Despite all these, you are a swarm who think that you can stop Istanbul and dispersed in certain parts of the world.

You are a swarm that should be crushed under the foot…

Don’t push my buttons, or I will leave no room for movement for you even in your own countries…

It is informed in the hadiths that Hz Mahdi’s service will be so great and important that not only humans but the the people of Earth and heaven (the people of the world and the other human species in space) will be pleased with his caliphate.2 His appearance will be a source of happiness not only for the people of iman, but the entire people of Earth and heaven. Even the birds, wild animals, fishes in the sea will be in joy.3 Because of his services, even the dead will hope to resurrect and live in his time.4 In summary, Allah will fill their heart with his love.5

Even Tavus-u Yemani who is one of the islamic scholars wanted to live in his time.

After expressing this important truth, we should say that seeing or making people see islam as a religion for only hereafter means not knowing islam. As the prophets guide people not only in the hereafter life but in the worldly life, hz. Mahdi will also guide people on material and spiritual matters and he will reform in every field.

Yes, Hz. Mahdi will not be only perform his service in the religious field but in every field surrounding life such as reign, caliphate, social life, jihad.

We will focus on the most remarkable ones of Hz. Mahdi’s services based on the narrations:

a. Reestablishing the Religion

Hz. Mahdi is a mujaddid. Allah will send him to reestablish the religion.6 As in the period of Asr al-Saadat, he will prevail the religion of islam once again and will declare its greatness and superiority to the entire world in the end time. Said bin Cubeyr who is the author of Nuru’l-Ebsar says that the one who will prevail the religion of islam mentioned in the commentary of this verse; “He is the One Who has sent His Messenger with true guidance and the religion of truth, making it prevail over all others, even to the dismay of the polytheists.” is Hz. Mahdi. Hz Mahdi will be one of the descendents of hz. Fatimah.

He says, it doesn’t contradict with the people saying” it’s Isa (pbuh)” because Hz. Isa will prepare the ground for Hz. Mahdi.8 It is recorded in el-Kavlü’l-Muhtasar that Hz. Mahdi will uphold the religion of islam at the end, as the way Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) uphold the religion of islam at the beginning.

There is a narration in Saadet-i Ebediye that Ashab-ı Kehf (companions of the cave) will leave the cave and they will be the soldiers of Hz. Mahdi.10 We don’t know for certain what is meant by the phrase, “they will resurrect and will be the soldiers of hz. Mahdi”. But we can say that with the faithful words of hz. Mahdi, the dead souls will resurect, they will bring back to life, like the resurrection of Ashab-ı Kehf. It shows us that Hz. Mahdi’s messages will be based on the truths of belief.

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi says that hz. Mahdi will reestablish the religion of islam, he will make the it significant after it will become unimportant, he will revive it and “He will apply the religion the same way in the time of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh).”11

Imam al-Rabbani also has stated that the dimmed sun of islam will shine again with hz. Mahdi.12

According to the narration of Ummu Seleme, Hz. Mahdi will spread islam in various regions of the Earth.13

It is informed that even a dried tree he planted will blossom,14 which we can draw a conclusion from this that he will have miraculous deeds and with his guidance and work, the hearts that are died because of disbelief will come alive like a blooming tree.

b. Revive The Lofty Sunnah

Because of hz. Mahdi is a mujaddid, he will leave the mark of islam in his time. He will eliminate the attacks on islam and will revive the lofty Sunnah. This issue is described clearly in an hadith that our mother hz. Aishe narrated:

“He shall fight for my Sunnah just as I fought for the revelation of Allah.” 15

According the narrations, hz. Mahdi will revive all the Sunnah, he will remove all the bid’ahs and he will fulfill the religious duties as Rasulallah (pbuh) did.

İmam al-Rabbani is focuses on this important service of hz. Mahdi in Mektubat. He says that hz. Mahdi’s proper duty is to revive the lofty Sunnah and remove the bid’ahs.17 He wrote these lines while he was talking about the importance of the lofty Sunnah:

“Every sunnah and bid’ah requires absence of another. Revival one of them means killing the  another one. In this sense, to revive the Sunnah means to kill the bid’ahs. Even the opposite of this is the same.”

He even speaks of a modern scholar who educate the people the Bid’ahs while he carry on his duty of spreading the religion and reviving the Sunnah.18

When hz. Mahdi arrived, he will find an atmosphere that is turned upside down.

There will be a top to bottom destruction on islam. There will be so many breaches in the castle of islam which is involving islam and made of stones big as mountains. He will witness that the doubts that accumulated for a thousand years will be vomitted, Shaair of Islam will be almost destroyed, people’s hearts and the public opinion will be shockingly damaged, the people will started to become conscienceless.

All of these will be led by Sufyani. And hz. Mahdi will heal the spiritual illnes caused by the huge destruction with Quran, he will try to revive the principles of the lofty Sunnah which every each of them is like an elixir but tried to be forgotten with bid’ahs. He and his luminous crew will remove the bid’ahs and revive the lofty Sunnah.

c. Fight against Sufyani

Umar bin Al-Khattab set out with Allah’s Apostle (pbuh), The Prophet showed Umar one child among the jewish children and said “This is the face of Sufyan”.
Umar said, “O, Allah’s Apostle! Allow me to kill him.” Allah’s Apostle said (to Umar) Should this person be him (Dajjal), then you cannot overpower him; and should he be someone else, then it will be no use your killing him.”20

Yes, Sufyani will appear in the end times and he will be killed by a community who fight against Messiah Ad-Dajjal and their representative, hz. Mahdi whom no one will be able to harm, who will continue to his jihad as the victor.

Hz. Mahdi will fight against both the actual Dajjal who will appear the idea of denying all the holy things and he will fight against Sufyani, the dajjal of islam who will fight against islam and Quran, and who is irreligious and a liar. He will kill him as the result of these struggles and will repair the damage he caused.

Hz. Mahdi will be under constant siege by Sufyan who doesn’t recognize Allah, Quran and the prophets, who will be waging war against everything in the name of islam, who will carry out his activities in a systematic and a hypocritical, who will try to destroy, weaken the principles of islam.24

It means that hz. Mahdi will carry out his service under very difficult circumstances.

The hadiths contain information about hz. Mahdi’s struggles against Sufyani as much as they contain about the damage Sufyani will cause. These struggles will be through spiritual force/swords, through the ideas, not through tangible swords as many people think, it will be without bloodshed. This is how al-Haytami describes it:

“Those who will pledge alligiance to Mahdi will pledge allegiance to him between Rukun and Maqam. They will not wake a sleeping person, they never shed blood.”25

There is a hadith about an interesting struggle of Hz. Mahdi against the Dajjal in Muslim.

Although Mamer and Abu Ishak say that this person is Hz. Khidr, it is understood from the beginning and the end of the hadith that the person is Hz. Mahdi. According to this hadith, the Dajjal will have armed soldiers who perform surveillance in the center which it shows us that he will have the a large army and the power of the government.

He will try to dominate Hz. Mahdi, and he will torment and give him trouble when he refused him, he will do everything to incapacitate him. “His back and stomach will be beaten to be widened.” means that his cause will spread all over the world day by day. Despite all the torment and torture, he never bow down, never recognize the Dajjal. On the contrary, it will reinforce his conviction more about he is the Dajjal, he will triumphantly call out to humanity:

“O people! He will not be able to behave with anyone amongst people in such a manner after me.” Dajjal will try to kill him. The space between his neck and collarbone will turn into copper and he will find no way to kill him. So he will catch hold of him by his hand and feet throw him into (what appears to be fire). The people will think that he has been thrown into the fire whereas he will be thrown into Jannah.”

These statements shows that even though Dajjal want to kill hz. Mahdi, he won’t be able to kill him.

He will be unable to overpower him. His sword also will not work. Throwing him into the fire means that he will throw him into prison.

But his faith will turn the prison into heaven. Because first of all, we experience heaven and hell in our hearts. Faith can turn prison into a palace, it can turn fire into the water of life.

At the same time, it means that Dajjal will exile him to isolated, remote areas and those will be forest areas.

This is how the hadith in muslim ends:

The Messenger of Allah added, “He will be the most eminent amongst the people with regard to martyrdom near the Rubb of the worlds”. 28

In a different narration, attention is drawn to the struggle between hz. Mahdi and Sufyani:
Mahdi and Sufyani will emerge like two horses ready for the race.29

“When Mahdi will arrive Damascus, the followers of Sufyani will cut branchy trees and throw them into the Lake Tabariyah (near the Dead Sea in Palestine).”30
” A people moving towards Khorasan will defeat the followers of Sufyan.”31

Hz. Mahdi will encounter some difficulties during the struggles. There will be those who support him and against him.

At the beginning, there will be only a few people around hz. Mahdi. But they will have ihklaas(sincerety), they will be loyal. They will be determined, very courageous and very devoted.

Hz. Ali narrated that those people not afraid of anything, the benefits don’t make them happy. Their number will be few but they will be as powerful as an army.

They will have ihklaas, they will be loyal and brave like Saul who fight against Goliath in the time of the prophet Moses. Saul was not very strong. Those who drank from the river said “Now, we are no match for Goliath and his warriors”. But the those believers who are devoted said to them:

“How many times has a small force vanquished a mighty army by the Will of Allah!” 43 (Surah al-baqarah-249)

These people who will support hz. Mahdi won’t be Arabians, they will be from other nationalities and they will defeat every evildoer and oppressor (bionic robots). Their hearts will be harder than iron, they will be worshippers by night, and will be like lions by day. 45

Hz. Mahdi’s army will receive blows sometimes, there will be those who leave them for various reasons such as the difficulty of the duty, seeking comfort, fear of losing life, property or position. But they will not care about it. 46 Those who leave them and those who oppose them shall not do them any harm. He will continue his way victoriously. 47 Do you think you will enter Paradise without Allah proving which of you ‘truly’ struggled ‘for His cause’ and patiently endured? 48

Hz. Ali narrated in a hadith that there will be many fitnahs and upheavals, the people fall into trial, the people of Damascus will be ruined because of the plague fall upon them, they will be weaken that even the foxes will be able to defeat them.

At such a time, hz. Mahdi will emerge with 3  banners of victory and unite the hearts of the muslims, he will bring them back the blessings they had, he will reconcile their opinions and will soften their hearts.50

At a time when everything is reversed and injustice prevail the people who have darkened souls will search for a savior to establish the justice more than ever. The people will wait for a person who is in the path of the Allah’s Apostle, a person like him to rule the world, to find solutions to their problems, to end the tyranny and to bring peace and justice.

Hz. Mahdi will appear at a time like this, he will fill the earth with equity and justice as it has been filled with oppression and tyranny, and he will rule for seven years.51

He will not wake up a sleeping person or shed blood. 54

Imagine what might be possible in a world dominated by faith. There would be good behaviors such as diligence, altruism, generosity. Isn’t faith (iman) a luminous tree bearing beautiful fruits?

As stated in the narrations, one of the most prominent feature of this period of peace and tranquility will be the abundance and prosperity.56

Abu Sa’id reported that Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) said:

There would be amongst your caliphs a caliph who would give handfuls of wealth to the people, but would not count it. 58

It was narrated from Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudri that the prophet (pbuh) said:

“The Mahdi will be among my nation. If he lives for a short period, it will be seven, and if he lives for a long period, it will be nine, during which my nation will enjoy a time of ease such as it has never enjoyed. The land will bring forth its yield and will not hold back anything, and wealth at that time will be piled up. A man will stand up and say: ‘O Mahdi, give me!’ He will say, ‘Take’.59

It wouldn’t be hard to understand the reason of this abundance today when technologies are so developed and the production is greatly increased in agriculture with seed improvement. In his time, the number of muslims will increase. 64

The only and the last conqueror of Istanbul is hz. Mahdi, there is no one else.
There is no such a thing as the first and the second conquest. There will be only one conquest.

One of the acts of hz. Mahdi will be to conquer Istanbul.

There is an narration narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

“Even if there was only one day left of this world, Allah would make it last until a man from my household took possession of (the mountain) Dailam and Constantinople.” 85

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi also stated that hz. Mahdi will save Istanbul from the hands of Dajjal.86

In the narrations, it is stated that they will neither fight with weapons would shower arrows. They will conquer Constantinople with Tasbih and Takbir. 87 We thus see that the conquest will be a spiritual/metaphysical conquest.

(All the sections above are the quotes from different sources. I have not change anything in this article, but it does not mean that I approve or affirm every detail of them. And this section/article is written by me. It is necessary to be aware of that. I do not distrupt the integrity of an article when I quote. It has been this way for years.)

“The caliphate will pass into those who are descended from my uncle Abbas who is the brother of my father and then they will give the caliphate to Dajjal.” (bk. Müsnedu’l-Firdevs, 3/447; Taberani, 23/420; Kenzu’l-Ummal, 14/271-h. No: 33436; Mecmau’z-Zevaid, 5/187-h.no.8954).

  • The meaning of this hadith has been confirmed by history. As the hadith pointed out, the Abbasid State abolished by Hulagu Khan who is one of the Dajjals.

So many alien human species have been trapped in our world after hz. Dhul-Qarnayn placed the protection shield around the world. (Called Van Allem Belt). The actual Dajjal is one of the alien human species and he is the political/military leader of them.

They have been living in the underground cities and they have been interfering with everything on Earth.

I’ve already written and told that even the Mongols and Hulagu Khan is one of the plans of Dajjal to prevent the spread of the religion of islam and even to destroy it if possible. No honest scienctist can explain what the Mongols did that seems impossible in another way.

Similar to the Mongols plan, they have made countless plans in the last thousands of years. It has been a thousand year since the ummah of Muhammad have lost its political/military power and was defeated by the insidious games of Dajjal. All these secrets, insidious games will be revealed by Hz. Mahdi and he will spoil them. He will destroy their underground cities. Dabbatul-Ard and Hz. Mahdi is the same person.

“The prophet (pbuh) said: The Last Hour will not come before there come forth thirty Dajjals (fradulents), everyone presuming himself that he is an Apostle of Allah.”

(bk. Buharî, Fiten: 25; Menakıb: 25; Müslim, Fiten, 84; Ebû Davud, Fiten, ı)

One of the tens of Dajjal is the actual Dajjal and he is already emmerged from among the human aliens. He rule/d the world in the last couple of thousand years.

-Can you explain the hadith “Mahdi will fight against the Turks.”?
Nuaym b. Hammad, el-Fiten,1/221/h. no: 614.

This narration, first of all, is not based on Hz. Muhammad (pbuh). This narrator called ARTAA narrated this as his own words.

Nevertheless, we have not found this information in any hadith sources. This is an indication that this is not a trustworthy hadith.

-The scholars reported that this is a very weak hadith.

One of the narrators, Erta bin Munzir narrated the Fitan hadiths by using phrases like “according to our information” or they narrated the hadiths from Kâb (b. Ahbar). For this reason, most of these hadiths are weak. (bk. Dr. Ebu Suhayb el-Hâyık, Daru’l-hadis ed-diyaiye, ilgili yer)

Hz. Mahdi will not fight against the Turks, he will fight against the crypto-ID Armenians, crypto-ID Jews, crypto-ID gypsies who are playing the role of a Turk. Also, he will fight against the leaders and gangs who seized the power of the Turkic countries and the divided Turkic communities who rule them. He will crush all of them and punish them in a harsh way.

He will fight against the fake imams, hodjas, so-called the tariqa sheikhs who are playing the role of a Turk.

Hz. Mahdi will bring the Turkic world together the way Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn did.

At first, there will be very violent disasters. Immediately afterwards, there will be chaos and wars accross the globe. At that time, Hz. Mahdi will appear. There will be an unprecented global financial crisis. Only those who withdraw their money from the market, convert it to precious metals and keep these precious metals safely will save themselves from the financial storm. On the contrary, in a time when everyone is going bankrupt, they will be coming out of the storm stronger.

The underground cities in the USA, Egypt, Turkiye,  in various parts of the Mediterranean region, in countries that are contiguous to the Mediterranean region, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi America, China, Russia, Italy and in another regions will collapse one after another.

The aliens who spread corruption on Earth, who are the followers and the soldiers of Dajjal will not be able to live in comfort under the ground. Those who create terrorist organizations, who get the civillians slaughtered, the money launderers, the organ and human traffickers, those who force people to prostitution, those who spread nudity, irreligiousness, satanism, LGBT, those who create artificial drought and energy crises, those who distrupt the climates and the genetic codes of the creatures, those who every kind of devilry, even if they are under the ground, will be destroyed.

The land subsidences which is clearly informed in the hadiths and is one of the biggest signs that the Apocalypse is very near will take place when the alien cities will be collapsed by Hz. Mahdi also known as Dabbatul-ard will collapse.

At that time, so many cities the dehumanized, esfel-i safilin people of the world live in will suddenly sink into the ground. The big cities which exist at night will not be exist by the morning.

Just as the Lake of Lut… It was a normal region where a crowd of people were living in, there was an underground city of aliens. The city of aliens was suddenly collapsed with the occasion of the prophet of the time. At the same time, those who dehumanized people of the Earth were destroyed.

“Abu Huraira reported Allaah’s Messenger (pbuh) as saying: The day and the night would not come to an end before a man called al-Jahjah would occupy the throne.”(Muslim, fitan 61, 2911)

Jahjah means an almighty and honourable person. The word “Jahjah” is not a name, it is an adjective as the word sufyan and dajjal.

Some scholars like Ibn Hajar stated that this person will follow the footsteps of hz. Mahdi after Hz. Mahdi.

There was a Seal of prophethood on the back of our prophet (pbuh). It was not a physical seal that everyone can see. It was a spiritual/metaphysical seal which can be immediately seen by those who have metaphysical abilities. Bahira the monk also had seen the seal between his shoulder blades when our prophet was a young child.

Hz. Mahdi is a descandant of our prophet and he will do great services which so many prophets were unable to do and will win great victories.

Hz. Mahdi’s spiritual/metaphysical abilities will be astonishingly high. There will be a seal between Hz. Mahdi’s shoulder blades. This will be the seal of Mahdi. This will not be a physical seal as well. But the metaphysicists will be able to see the seal easily and they will know what this is. In fact, the real metaphysicists can see this kind of seals even from a distance without seeing these people with their eyes.

Therefore, I have already written that the astrologers and the mediums will recognize hz. Mahdi before everyone else. They will have no doubt, they will certainly know that it’s him… They will not need to see him in person to know that it’s him.

And then, hz. Mahdi will emerge while major disasters and events happening one after another and the entire humanity will know him.

Dajjal will try to kill him. The space between his neck and collarbone will turn into copper and he will find no way to kill him.

This narrative has a hidden and encrypted meaning.

I have written in some of my articles that seeing copper wire or copper plate in dreams is about spiritual/metaphysical power and abilities.

The dajjal will evaluate that he put hz. Mahdi in his hands and he could kill him. But hz. Mahdi will save himself from him by using his extraordinary metaphysical power. Hz. Mahdi will be able to kill large armies, drop the planes and even the satellites, destroy huge cities, burn people’s bodies, kill his enemies from a distance, he can even change the rotation speed of the core of the world, as it is now…

This is what is called as “the spiritual conquest”… It is the changed balances as a result of the conflicts in the metaphysical field.

It is not enough to be good at the islamic sciences to understand the hadiths about the end times.

The person should be extremely smart, he should have strong reasoning ability. He should be aware of his abilities, he shouldn’t waste time when the people around him can’t keep up with him and easily overcome them.

He also should know history at a very good level.

He should be really good at dream interpretation, as seen the example above, there are statements in most of the hadiths about the end times that can only be understood with using dream interpretation.

He should have an high level of clairvoyance. He should know astrology or should work with astrologers who are really good at their job.

He should be using all of his abilities with a clear and honest intention and he should be able to judge fearlessly.

You should work on Surah Ad-Dukhan, At-Tariq, At-Qari’ah, if you haven’t already. There are verses about the time of hz. Mahdi and Dabbatul-ard in these surahs and in another surahs.

Allah knows the best but as far as I understand each time, the biggest, the most shocking events occur right before the Last Hour. The greatest leaders of blasphemy, denial, persecution and the greatest leaders of the muslims are sent in the end times.

And then, the muslims win, they destroy almost all the tyrants and the world turns into a place like heaven. Then, there will be no point of life to continue on Earth. Because the real heaven is in the hereafter life and we have been sent here from there. We have been sent here to be tested. Because it cannot go on like this, because of we have to be tested, blasphemy, persecution, savagery, perversion will be allowed on Earth again, and the Last Hour comes without any correction or improvement.

Then, everyone goes where they deserved, to heaven or hell and they stay there forever. While they continue to stay there, Allah creates jinns and humans again after a while and the world becomes a “testing ground” but these will not be the jinns and humans who lived before, who were sent to the world before. These people and jinns are newly created.

Therefore, people find objects that are made tens of thousands years before by human hands on this planet we live on. The apocalypse took place countless times… Many people has passed from this world. Now, most of them are in hell, few of them are in heaven, living in the eternal life.

Most of those who are alive now will go to
hell, and a few of them go to heaven. Because, people easily follow their nafs and their jinns which are the followers of the iblees and they lose.

The reason why they have been attacking us with metaphysics was to stop me from making publications about the projects. I got upset about that and continued to make publications about the projects. I made so many publications tonight to show them that “Look, if I’m not making any publications, it’s because I don’t want to. If I want, I can.)

But, it is not enough for me. I want to do more.

Let me tell you about the direction that the world will be heading in the very near future…

Not only the Aegean sea, but the Mediterranean sea also will be dried. I have told about the project to be built on the Aegean sea in general terms.

After this project is completed, a similar project will be implemented on the entire Mediterranean sea.

At first, the entire Mediterranean sea will be dried. The Suez Canal and the Straits of Gibralar will be closed for this. It will take some time to drain the water of the Mediterranean sea completely but most of the preparations will be completed by that time.

Then, mining operations will be simultaneously started on the floor of the entire Mediterranean sea. On the one hand, the softened layer of soil will be grinded with the water and there will be mining activities to the deep at locations where it is necessary. We will constantly extract mines, treasures, oil and gas from the ground.

Most of the underground cities of aliens will be collapsed in the next several years. When the alien cities located in different locations collapsed, the ground upon them will be collapsed. The Mediterranean region will be dried after it stops to collapse. Then, the project that I have mentioned will start rapidly and a major financial transaction will begin.

Money, income will pour in Turkiye’s and its allies’ Treasure Departmans. The underground alien systems will collapsed and the western world/countries and allies which are strengthen and sustained by them will be collapsed completely.

Within the next a few years, they will lose high number of people while the collapses occur. There will be so many destruction events en masse. The western colonist, corrupted, money launderer, pro-LGBT communities who are the slaves and the pawns of the aliens will be destroyed with the aliens.

There will be no power element standing against the projects of Turkiye and its real allies. At the same time, Russia, China and others will be collapsed which they are already collapsed. It wouldn’t be surprising if Japan go bankrupt in a few days. They are in very bad conditions.

New and big cities will establish in the Mediterranean sea as we will do in the Aegean sea. The areas where the extraction process is finished will be filled without wasting any time. We will fill the areas with a system which can melt the rocks, turn it into lava, then cool it and turn it into rock again… It is not possible to find a that solid foundation/ground in the nature. The cities will not collapse, crack and will not damaged in major earthquakes.

On the other hand, hundreds of millions of new houses will be built in these hundreds of new cities. The houses will be manifactured in the facilities without using concrete, they will be portable in pieces, state-of-the-art production houses. Most of the houses will be built two-storey and with gardens. It will never be allowed to build houses so close to each other, tall houses and skyscrapers. We will build very solid, multi-storey buildings surrounded rocks down into the ground by heating and drilling the certain parts of rocky grounds.

The two main canals close to the Red sea will be left in the Mediterranean sea. The Straits of Gibraltar will open again. Also the Suez canal will open after the extention work is finished. During the time, there will be so many main canals in Turkiye and in its surroundings. There will be seawater everywhere, the oceans’ water will continue on its way through these canals.

The flow of the canals will be used to produce electrical energy with clean techniques. There will be no drinkable water problem in anywhere because the sea water will be everywhere. Agriculture and husbandry won’t be gathered in certain regions and they will become industries that work clean and odorless with high technology and will spread throughout the country.

Then, a few billions of people who live nearby will be placed in the hundreds of new and big cities which will be built in the Mediterranean sea. Accept the main canals, there will be narrower canals throughout these cities. There will be no place left where water has not reached. These people will transfer their lands which are located on land into the State Treasury when they come to these cities. They will pay some difference in price in convenient installments and live in new cities.

This time, we will start to reclaim the lands they will evacuate. Only the mountains which are essential won’t be touched and the other mountains will be grinded. We will start to leveling the gigantic fields, and will grind the rotten floors to the deep and fill them with rock lava.

During the time, the extraction of mine and treasury process will continue. In fact, it will increase even more. A very high number of artifacts will be uncovered. Then, cities will be perfectly built there, again. The houses will be with gardens and maximum 3-storey.

No matter where the new generation houses build, they will be built with a flat roof. The roofs of the houses will be prepared as a parking space because the cars will fly in the air in the near future. Also, these houses will have water distillation systems, in-building heating systems, water evaporation systems for wastewater, electricity generation systems through the solar radiation. The roofs also will be used for these systems. These houses will only require sea water, they will not require the city grid. The electricity, water, heating, waste systems will not be connected to each other. Some houses will not even need sea water to produce water. They will be able to produce water from air.

The urbanization process will continue towards Africa and into the interior of Asia. There will be employment opportunities that continue for hundreds of years. The world started to become a completely different place.

Finally, there will be no more “overcrowded city” problem in the world. The air and water pollution will be solved. Waste/garbage problems will be solved. Infectious disease problems will be solved. Even if the world population hit 8 hundred billions, everyone will be able to live comfortably.  There will be inland seas constructed in many areas. There will be high number of people who will be living on sea products or people who earn their life without falling into evil ways.

Poverty will be declined rapidly across the entire world. The number of the gangs, illegal businesses, therefore courthouses, lawyers and judges, the psychologists and doctors will be increased rapidly.

The world will start to turn into a single state very quickly and its capital will certainly be Istanbul. After a while, the magnetic protection shield which is called the Van Allen Radiation Belt will be removed. The agricultural products, sea products, produced in our country, meat products, milk and diary products, textile products, electronical products,advanced devices will be sold to another countries.

Very precious metals will started to come to our world from other planets.

When these days come, most of the continent of America will be collapsed, disintegrated and will become uninhabitable.

Because the USA, China and Russia which has been a trouble for the world are the projects of the alien parties… In a process when they will be destroyed in a short while, some of the blows they will take will be perminent.

India is also one of the projects of the alien parties and India also will take perminent blows like the other countries. There will be major collapses in some parts of India as well. We will see that a very high number of people will be destroyed.

As a result of the collapses, the coastal areas in some countries will sink into the ground and it will be covered with sea/ocean water. They will be destroyed as the cursed tribe of the Lake of Lut.

The land areas inside from the sea in some countries will collapse. Some of these parts of the countries will make our job easier and we will construct inland seas in those lands. We will direct the water flow of the canals towards there. People will be enjoyed the boat rides on millions of corpses of those cursed.

We will be able to bring these canals to even the locations which are situated at the highest altitude. Because we will be able to turn the soil or rocky ground into flowing lava whenever we want. We will be able to use the lava when we fill the gigantic areas in the seas. We will form artificial volcanos in some regions which will be completely under our control.

Besides, we will not have to use nuclear energy technology while doing these.

There will be unmanned, very large air vehicles with very special lenses which can stand in the air for days. It will take off and direct the sun’s rays to the tergeted mountains and rocks. They will be able to produce thousands of degrees of heat. The cost of flying/standing in the air will be very low. Those vehicles will have little need of human control because of the artificial intelligence.

The technology and vehicles will be used will shockingly surprise those who are making simple evaluations like “how to fill a gigantic field, how to excavate the areas, how much does it cost?”.

Live trees from the leveled areas will be transplanted in the new cities which will be established. The new generation of houses will be completed and will transform into very beautiful cities in a very short time. The houses will have already solid foundations and will be made from non-flammable, shatter-proof, indestructible, inseparable parts. After the construction of the houses, they will be available for eight to ten generations without any problem.

Everything that cause the high costs of living will be prevented.

The areas either side of the endlessly long canals will be very valuable and will bring so much income to the State Treasury and it will play a big role in the continuation of the projects without any problem. As I always said, when the projects will be started, capital support will not be needed anymore.

Then, the genes of the plants and animals will be fixed. Crocodiles, monkeys, pigs, rhinoceros and every animal species that created with genetic engineering will be exterminated. Not even one of these species will be left. Some animal species will not be exterminated but its certain breeds will be exterminated. Because they are created with genetic engineering…

Human gene-editing studies will be started simultaneously across the world. It will be the same as in the hadiths. After a while, snakes will not bite the humans, lions will not mutilate the humans and some genetic problems seen in some human races will not seen again. Aggression, mental problems, chronic anger, brutality will be eliminated.

In this process, it will be possible to carry out excavations towards the alien cities that are already collapsed, dig tunnels and seize what is left of the technology they use and evaluate it.

In this process, the real history of the world will be revealed clearly. Archeology will live its golden age for tens of years. The archeologists who are good at their job and who are honest will be very valued.

Shortly thereafter, the problems in the core of the Earth will be corrected. The world turn into a single state and there will be no state using the climate weapons or electromagnetic weapons against each other.

There are those who became muslims or those who haven’t become muslims but want to live in a civilized way among the aliens who are living secretly in the underground cities. In the near future, before the destruction is over, the number of those will increase.

Particular territories will be created in some regions on Earth for these people. The people of Earth will not go there and they will not interfere to the regions of the people.

But the officials and the education staff will be in contact and a bond will be formed between different human species. The people of the world will see tens of different human species who have surprising physical characteristics with their own eyes.

They will have things to tell us. They will tell us the real history of the last twenty thousand years of the world. They will share the video recordings or the thousands of years old remains that they have.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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