A garbage movie: San Andreas

I am watching the famous movie “San Andreas”. I finally have the time to watch it. I watched the first 27 minutes. I feel comfortable saying that about what I have seen so far: It is a rubbish movie…

I would turn it off for at least ten times if I wouldn’t think that I have to watch it. It is impossible to explain how come this simple, unlogical, effortless movies which don’t even draw the people in bring sound worldwide during the flow of daily life.

Anyways.. The San Andreas fault is important, I need to take some time for other related things.

It didn’t work, I gave up. I stopped it for a few times, took a break and then I wanted to continue to watch it after I’ve been busy doing another things but I couldn’t. I have watched its 54. minutes and it was pretty hard for me. The last fifteen minutes of it was also terrible.

It’s such a shame that one more movie that has been much talked about turns out a botched movie.

It was obvious what it was from the first minutes.

I don’t know, maybe it was hurried, or maybe the producers and the senarists were high or maybe they said “We can make people watch everything what we do. The system is ours.”

Soon, so many of those (the greens) will die…

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