You will either toe the line or die en masse

You are annoying me. I can explode all the artificial suns or huge/powerful energy systems in your alien cities all around the world one after another similar to that one exploded in the night of February 6th 2023 in the alien city under the ground in Kahraman Maraş.

You are crossing the line. You are making wrong plans that will lead all of you to a disaster. You did the same then.

You are pathetic against me. You look like little bugs that I can step on and smash. Do whatever you want to the humanity and the states in this world but do not mess with me and those who are on my side or I will burn the rest of you.

How many of you died on that night, tens of millions or hundreds of millions? Could anyone survive from the ancient and central city?

I have said it a thousand times for years that you cannot kill me with metaphysical techniques or with a physical attack, even if you can mobilize the forces of galaxies.

And, you cannot stop me in any way.

Do you have to suffer billions of more loss to accept this fact? Do your tens of more underground cities have to explode, collapse?

Does the San Andreas fault has to be swept into the ocean? Do your tools such as UAE and Qatar which are the centrals of evil and not counted as states have to collapse under the sea?

Do you have to secretly remove deads everyday from the central of evil that you called White House?

Do all of your ships and submarines in your navies, all your satellites in space have to be broken?

Are you idiot? Do you have mental illness or there are some groups among you who are suicidal because of the never-ending problems?

Those who want mass deaths can die without messing with me. There are other ways to do it. If I will be the cause of their death, I kill them in mass, and at a much higher number than they expected. I kill them by destroying their system.

Haven’t I told you that you can live in this world but you have to live in humane conditions. You will not interfere the climates. You will not harm the agriculture. You will not harm animal husbandry. You will not interfere with genes. You also will not interfere with the genes of the plants. You will not creat artificial drought and artificial energy crises. You will stop the human and organ trafficking. You will not force anyone to prostitution. Otherwise, I will not only destroy you above the ground and also destroy your system under the ground. Haven’t I told you that “Those who are doing every kind of devilry will not be able to live in comfort under the ground”.

Tell me, haven’t I told you these, repeatedly?

What happened? You cannot even control the climate the way you want since February 6th. Everything is all messed up. You are mainly responsible for all these problems. If you go on like this, you will cause the peoples of the world find the punishment that they deserved simultaneously while you find your punishment that you deserved.

Do whatever you want. There is Allah who created this world and Allah determined that this satanic system completely collapsed. You are all desperate and weak against Allah’s power. Whether you correct yourselves or you will die in mass everytime, one after another. Make up your mind if you want, or you should prepare the places where you bury or burn your carcasses.

You will be heavily punished every time you cross the line.

Allah will punish you all. Curse will fall upon you. You are playing in vain but it’s your choice. Let’s play, then.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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