Aircraft systems powered by renewable energy

We still don’t know the value of the magnetic fields.

However, if we work properly on the magnetic fields, we can instantly jump an age. We can even turn the world upside down.

If it will be developed a little more…
If a very advanced lens system will be added to the top…
Even if an advanced boiler system will be added to the back…
Even if it produces steam at a very high pressure in the boiler by strengthening of the sun’s rays with lenses…
If the steam turns the generator turbine and produces too much future electric power…
If more powerful electric motors could be used in this way and electric motors could make this vehicle “really and safely fly”…

And then, if this vehicle will be used very purposefully…
As a precaution, if there will be enough battery/charging support to last 5 minutes and ensure landing in case of emergency…
Again, if there will be an advanced parachute system that cautiously opens/exits from the top…

This type of vehicle can be used very usefully in reconnaissance, surveillance, directing crowded animal herds, transporting emergency patients, transporting emergency loads. It can also be easily ensured to run it unmanned.

With a small gas load, it can also boil its boiler at night and fly. After a while, it will also be switched to the systems that store oxygen in the air by decomposing it easily and burning oxygen gas as fuel.

Batteries are very heavy and expensive. Their strength is also low. Their life spans are also short and in addition, their chemical structures take a hit in cold and hot weather, their efficiency decreases thoroughly or they don’t work at all. This system also eliminates that problem.

The vehicle that the impostor Varank introduced and said “It can stay in the air for 20 minutes” has been produced by people from all over the world… It is even produced by people as a hobby, but it cannot be claimed that it flies and is useful.

It’s unnecessary weight and deceit… Those vehicles can’t stand against the wind, either. Because their engines and propellers are not big and powerful enough.

The vehicle in this video is useless in that form. But if there is a boiler, a generator and powerful engines with powerful propellers, everything changes. It turns into a very, very logical, useful, beneficial vehicle.

Yes, it would make a breakthrough in transportation in a short time. Everyone would buy it. Larger ones would be produced and also used by transportation companies. It would cause radical changes in many sectors.

Rules will be made at first. They will be only allowed to fly parallel to the roads. So there will be an order. It will be safer. During the transition process, as these wheeled cans go off the road, they fly over the roads.

With these vehicles, fast transportation works can also be done between nearby cities.

The weight of the boiler, water, generator is not a problem at all. Because very powerful electrical energy can be generated with steam power. This also helps to overcome the weight problem.

These vehicles are such a thing that they can keep their boilers warm all the time.

They can wait all day long ready to fly constantly.

At that time, these vehicles will be able to produce electricity non-stop and since the propeller motors do not rotate, they can use the generated electricity to charge electric vehicles in the surrounding area and meet the electricity needs of the houses and shops.

They can even distill pure water when not flying.

If there is a clean water problem in the region, they can distill the undrinkable water put in their boiler into another boiler as pure water.

Fire departments can use much larger and more powerful ones. They can also use it to quickly and safely rescue people on high floors during fires.

By reaching the fire places quickly, they can also use it to intervene in the fastest way.

By using unmanned ones, they can take risks in large and dangerous fires, they can get close to the fire thoroughly.

It can also be used to transfer people and cargo between ships that are not too far from each other.

It can also be ensured that these do not sink when they need to make an emergency landing on the water. It’s not even a matter. These can have hull structures that provide buoyancy.

They can stand on the water for days, even months without sinking. Moreover, these vehicles can fill the seawater tank when they land on the water and boil the boiler with the sun’s rays in no more than 20 minutes, and then they can take flight again. This means that these vehicles can fly on the seas all day long without problems, with close to zero risk and without any fuel/water costs.

If they can store oxygen gas by decomposing it from the air using some of the electrical energy it generates abundantly during the day, which is not a problem, they will continue their journey/flight at night.

Shipping by ships is very slow and needs to be done en masse. A ready-made cargo is not shipped immediately. It is expected that other loads/packages will also be ready. However, such vehicles, with special loads of up to several tons can be transported by flying over the seas without the need for a human user. If necessary, they can draw water to their tanks by approaching the sea thoroughly, releasing a pipe into the sea.

In the worst case scenario, if it gets caught in a severe storm, it will throw itself overboard and float on the waves until the storm passes. It will be possible to produce these vehicles that will not sink even if it will lies on its side…

Models used for forest fire response can also be produced. Steam is such a powerful thing that extinguishing helicopters with internal combustion engines cannot compete with their power, load-carrying ability.

Yes, tower cranes used in construction are very expensive, laborious and risky things to use. These vehicles can take those cranes out of the game in the construction industry.

For example, city lines crossing the Strait can even make steamers out of the game.

There is no need for people to wait like that on the piers, accumulate in a crowd, get on and off in a crowd and to travel so slowly.

More advanced ones of these vehicles can be produced. It can has a hull, a boiler, a generator and engines accordingly.

These vehicles will be able to get people across the strait in a few minutes. For example, these vehicles can safely transport groups of twenty people from the air, over the sea. In case of trouble, these can be calmly put into the sea and never sink.

A rescue team or technical team would come and intervene.

Again, it also eliminates boat trips to nearby islands.

It also would take most of the cable car systems out of the game. When there is no weather opposition, these vehicles would not need cable cars, either.

These vehicles can also be used in the live tree transportation project. It can quickly and easily transport live trees from the forest area to the huge sea platform waiting on the beach at low cost without requiring human power.

Adult trees that have been uprooted from their places can be taken to the sea platform by flying them. Bumps, rocks, pits, mudflats in the areas will be no problem.

Have you ever thought about what the tail propeller of the helicopters does?

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