Türkiye is not a friend or ally of Azerbaijan

We will not allow other countries/governments to operate in Maraş, Hatay, Antep or in that region with allegations to build a new city.

Especially Azerbaijan which is the second Israel and the second Armenia…

Turkiye is not a friend, ally or partner of Azerbaijan which is a so-called Turkish country but is the second Israel in practice.

There will be no rapprochement, agreement, partnership, alliance between the two countries. We will never allow this.

When the time is come, when the circumstances are right, we will include Azerbaijan into Turkiye by wiping Azerbaijan off the map which turned into the second Israel and a country full of money laundering businesses.

We will hang those traitors in public places who are trying so hard to keep the Ankara government afloat by playing the role of Turkish and who are serving the goals of Israel and Armenia.

This is the point of view, this is the decision of Istanbul which is the true capital city of Turkiye. This is the official stance of Turkiye. Its opposite is the stance of the traitors. Azerbaijan is damaging Turkiye with its current situation and it is not possible for them to benefit Turkiye.

We will take those who are being divisive, who are doing missionary works, money laundering works under the roof of the foundations and associations in the disaster region, even in our entire eastern and Southeastern regions out of the game, rapidly.

We will crush our so-called friend countries, first.

We will take this secret Armenian traitor Hakan NALBANTOĞLU and his gang in prison in a short time. They will be tried and hanged.

We will not allow the other Armenian or Jewish gangs to infiltrate our state institutions and run our critically important institutions against Turkiye and in the favor of Israel, Armenia and other countries.

This nation will learn the realities of TİGEM in a very, very short time. TİGEM will be brought to a “national” stance immediately.

Everything critically important in especially our Eastern and Southeastern regions will be under the control of Turkiye.

Can you break their codes, now?

If necessary, TİGEM will be talked, will be discussed, will be questioned in this country everyday. Our nation will question this. There is treachery, betrayal, robbery, arrogance done in TİGEM…

The demands to establish associations in our Eastern and in the Southestern regions will be responded slowly.

The people who have crypto-ID that we know who they really are will not be allowed to establish so-called associations, to continue to betray our nation and to work for London, Israel, the USA and Europe.

They will be warned, if necessary. And those who don’t want to understand will be shot. What is necessary for the national security will be done.

Even if, there will be no city left standing and even if there will be no Turkish person survived in that region, we will never allow anyone to take the region away from Turkiye.

The so-called refugees from Afghanistan, Syria or other countries will not be allowed to stay in the region. The time is immenent. They will be sent away with very harsh interventions that will go down in the world’s history…

Those who act like press/media officers in the region who are known as spies will be warned. If they will not understand, they will be shot. There will be no fear of any elements. Those who have problems with us will come to us and take the necessary response. I will tell them what is what, I will tell them this is Turkiye…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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