Death will rain everywhere

All the metaphysicists from all around the world should check out the metaphysical field.

They will see the very special and powerful jinns of the Iblees are laying on the ground.

They will see how miserable the magicians, the ritualists, the mediums among the humans, the aliens and their countless carcasses.

They are not only unable to attack us but also unable to defend themselves. Are they those who will protect the leaders, governments, armies/soldiers, navies, ships, submarines, satellites, machines, devices, vehicles, facilities, places from us?.. It’s just funny…

We are the ruler of this world… We are sending those who insist on living in an inhuman way and who insist on following the Iblees to their hell and we will continue to do this…

The Iblees who is so weak would be dead for sure, if Allah had not given him life and respite until the day of Judgement by agreement. I will make him worse than dead as long as I am alive. I will continue to kill the immortal members of his gang, as I did until today, as I did tonight. Ki no longer exists… Kratis no longer exists… 512 no longer exists… Tens of his servants whose name I forgot no longer exist. They are already dead.

From now on, this is how those who attack my crew because of they don’t have power over me will end up.

I do not recognize the Iblees, seal, immortal or servant. I do not even recognize the other worlds and galaxies. Pain, tear, exploitation, corruption LGBT, irreligiousness, nudity, diseases, terror, human and organ trafficking, satanism, ritualism, magic will be destroyed in this planet. No one can stop this. Anyone who try to stop this including the human, jin, alien and all the states who try to stop this will be destroyed. The underground cities also will be destroyed.

Reports of deaths, accidents, explosions, fires, collapses, sinkholes, train and airplane accidents, shipwrecks will be coming from all over the world. The evil people and their evil systems are burning…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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