All parties are waiting my sign

No one can harm me, even if all my enemies unite against me. Like I always said, they cannot kill me.

The overwhelming majority of our army and our law enforcement agency are under my control in Turkiye… It is not even a big deal to put the high level tratiors in prison. International balances are in favor of Turkiye and the Turkish nation more than ever before… Those who want to keep the Ankara government afloat are collapsed and on the other hand, the Ankara government is already collapsed.

I have everything under control, I am watching over everything and making plans and I am very calm. Like everyone else, I can see that we already win and this is already over. There is no power element left who are against me inside or outside of Turkiye. They are all in miserable conditions.

I will not allow an election game. I will cause a turmoil in the field as soon as possible. I will start the exposures. It will not be possible for me to keep the entire field under my control but most of it will be under my control. I will put the prosecutors and the judges who work for the official authoritative traitors/gangs in prison. I will put the police commissioners and the police chiefs who work for them in prison. Those who stand with the gangs who unofficially took over the power of our country and do not want to leave it will die among the Syrian, the Afghan bandits and the Turkish officials…

We will have losses but they will be carcasses and we will be martyrs. This is the defence of the homeland, nation, life, religion…

This is a true freedom struggle and if the tratiors will use weapons, so will we. We will not let them escape. And they will not be able to get the help from the foreign powers, as they wish. Because, they cannot even solve their own problems at the moment. They cannot bind up their own wounds.

Be prepared. I can give the last command to the field at any moment.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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