I won’t let them breathe anywhere in the world

Dünyanın hiçbir yerinde nefes aldırmayacağım

The conservatives in the USA should get rid of Trump and the men of his gang, they should get away from them. Their collapse will be so loud and their collapse will cause the collapse of those around them.

I will not even let Trump and his gang breath in anywhere.

Those who are standing behind AKPKK among the businessmen and business groups in Turkiye and around the world, those who want an election game to take place in Turkiye will take blows like the Noah’s flood. They will suffer huge losses in a very short time. They will suffer huge losses of life, property, money. These signals will not be cut until they collapse and go bankrupt.

The civilian elements who are standing against Turkiye’s, the turkish nations’ administration and the struggle for freedom of Turkiye are being the parties of this war. Because of this, right after this warning, we will not care about the fact that they are civillians. Even those who do clean businesses will expose to our signals.

Even their computers and their personnel’s minds/bodies will not work properly. Their vehicles, trucks, construction equipments will not run. Their ships will not be able to move on the sea. Their trains will not be able to move on the rail. There will be fires, explosions, collapses everywhere one after another.

They will not believe what will happen to them.

Wheter this Turkiye will be a free State, will be a real Turkic/Islamic State, or I swear that I will destroy both under and above the ground of this world. There will be a massacre in everywhere…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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