These are your good days, Elon!

Did you see that the same thing happened again.
An unknown object fell from the sky as in the days when we make heavy metaphysical attacks.

As often happens, it fell in Istanbul again.
It is not clear what this is, where it fell but they already made the headline “a meteor fell from the sky in Istanbul”…

Maybe it was a satellite. Or maybe it was a UFO. Someone should examine what they are and where they fall.

Someone should ask to those “how do you know?” who makes announcements and headlines such as “a meteor fell”, even though they have no evidence.

These are the good days for you Elon!
You will see what will happen to all of you.

I will destroy everyone in your group both above and under the ground. I will destroy you not only on the money and politics issues, I will not even allow you to breath.

We will root out colonialism, satanism, persecution, perversion, injustice, money laundering and fraud.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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