Now it’s their time for being disclosed

None of the hundreds of the people can notice it, even though it is a simple mask.

It is very, very hard to distinguish the real people from the masks which produced by the aliens who have advanced science and technology level thousands of years ahead of us.

Millions of aliens in our world are walking among us looking like a human by wearing these advanced masks. Moreover, these masks can change the tone of the voice and the facial expressions of the people who wear them and make it suitable for them.

There are these shocking truths in the real history of our world. There is the fact that the aliens in the bionic robots and the facts that the aliens wearing masks which are produced with excellent technology.

And that’s it, the movie is over. The time has come for them to be exposed. They will be exposed in a surprisingly short time.

“It’s time to rip the aliens apart.”

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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