This world will be cleansed very quickly

There were those who organised to attack Istanbul with metaphysics from all around the world a couple of hours ago. What happened to them?

Some of them collapsed and died. Someone should pick their corpses up for humanity’s sake to prevent those to stink and spread bacteria around. Do not let their corpses harm people like they did in their entire life.

Soon, a very high number of people will rush to the hospitals.

It will be presumed as an infectious disease started to spread. People who died will not be able to diagnosed. People will experience nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, high fever, breathing problems, sweating more than normal, blackening of the skin, fungus disease and similar conditions, bloody eye, vomiting. The hospitals will not know what to do.

This world will be cleansed very rapidly.

The hadith about there will be a blast just before Hz. Mahdi’s appearance in a month of Ramadan is a correct/valid hadith but the details are all mixed together.

There is no certianty. Allah knows the best. But if I understand and interpret everything correctly, the month of Ramadan we are in is the Ramadan mentioned in the hadith. There will be a blast, a spiritual/metaphysical shock/sound waves in the month of Ramadan as mentioned in the extant hadith narrated correctly in general terms and it will kill so many people, simultaneously.

It will kill so many people through massive earthquakes and by hitting the evil poeple’s bodies.

The number of deaths will be so much more than 70 thousand. Most of the good people will be protected in one of the biggest events of the end times that is stated in the hadith.

The other narrations related to the hadith show that a comet will pass very close to Earth before this event of destruction, which it did.

I pointed out the comet for twice. The articles are in the history section. I explained that this comet is one of the signs of the appearance of Hz. Mahdi. I invited the astrologers to comment and they haven’t done what I expected.

I’ve openly written that major disasters take place when the comets appear. And then the Maraş-based earthquakes took place but these were only the trailer. The film has not started yet.

The comets are the sign of the death of the kings, the Pharaohs, Nimruds, dictatorsand the appearance of the Moseses, Abrahams, Sulaimans, Dhul-Qarnayns and Yousefs. There will be a big turning point in the religious, political, financial and military balances.

I inform everyone from the beginning. Those who go the wrong path should take Ramadan as an opportunity and return from the wrong path. Because the Earth doesn’t want the evil ones on itself anymore and the ground wants to collapse on to the evil alien people.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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