They will want to block Istanbul

They will pretend like there is a military coup in Turkiye. Hulusi will be the head of the sediton, again.

The politics in Turkiye and in the world is deadlocked. The finance and central banks in those countries are already collapsed. There is no way out for them and as I stated before, it’s their final chance to try and they will. They want to try a similar coup game to the july 15 coup game. This is one of the plans they have been working on for a while…

Iran, Russia, China, the Arabian world, NATO, Europe, the USA, England… All of them will want to stop Turkiye, more precisely, they want to stop Istanbul.

First, they will deliberately create turmoil and OHAL (state of emergency) conditions in the country. There will be a so-called military coup. They will try to scare the people and to keep them quite even during this process. Immediately after this, they will allow the enemy elements to enter Turkiye on all four sides. They will make this happen by betraying Turkiye in an organized way.

The Greeks’ front will enter from Izmir, Çanakkale and Trakya. Also, there will be troops entering our country from lands but Bulgaria also will involved the invasion attempts, simultaneously.

Also, Poland, Romania and Hungary will involved. The NATO’s military buildup will be sent towards Trakya. They will go on the offensive with the military ships through the Black sea.

They will not hesitate to use nuclear bombs on Turkiye when they regard that as necessary.

They will get Russia to create major artificial earthquakes and floods one after another with using electromagnetic techniques and to throw nuclear bombs on the regions where they think its necessary, especially on Istanbul.

The world’s political and financial traffic is deadlocked at a great extent and they cannot believe what’s happening to them. They cannot accept the fact that Turkiye have this power. It tears them up inside to being this weak against Istanbul. They are running out of time and they don’t declare the bankruptcies in the hope of making attacks to Turkiye and taking assistance from traitors in Turkiye. They still think that they can reverse their bad conditions around the world.

Turkiye doesn’t have much time. If everyone won’t do their parts on that, then I am determined to let Turkiye to destroy in this process by protecting myself and my organization. That’s enough. We will not be the only ones who fight, who pay the price, who risks our lives.

Everyone make their final decision. Fear cannot save anyone. Those cowards who was waiting for me to die for the last ten years are dead now and I am still alive. The brave dies only once, but the coward dies everyday.

Let us see the sincerity of the ones who keep saying homeland, nation, state, adhan (call to prayer), Quran. Otherwise, what we will see is their death.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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