This game crashed

They claim that they can gain high votes, reffering to various so-called polls. They have millions of followers on Twitter but they cannot collect even a hundred signatures. They stuck at ridiculous numbers. Why? CIA who provides them every kind of technical means, who directs the press and the media in their favor, who extremely inflates the numbers of their followers on social media cannot find a hundred thousand people in the real field?

Will their system collapse if the electric, the press, the media, the social media disappeares?

This game is collapsed in every aspect.

What about Doğu Perinçek?
There is a so-called political party and he is the President of the party… There supposed to be a youth organization operates in tens of provinces like TGB. They have TV channels, internet news channels, crowded social media accounts. Where are they? Where are the people, where is the base?

Why couldn’t he find even ten thousand signatures? Is the baloon burst?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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