Let them prepare their shrouds and dig their graves

Şimdiden kefenlerini hazırlasınlar, mezarlarını da kazsınlar

The businessmen, the politicians, the media and the press bosses and the masons who are the tools of the acts of the French in Turkiye must prepared their shroud and dig their graves.

All the facilities, all the technical personnel, all the machines and devices of Renault and Citroen will be exposed to our signals. It will be enough to ignore what I have written for those who want to waste their capital, who want to go bankrupt by suffering severe financial harm.

Everyone who will attempt to make interventions that Istanbul doesn’t want to Turkiye, its surroundings and the Turkic world will take the harshest responses.

Those who want to know what will happen to them can look at the desperation of Russia, the USA and China and their terrible conditions.

Or they can look at the conditions of the leading brands of those countries.

Extreme rainfall events, floods, landslide, floor collapses will increase around the world. This kind of news will come more than once in just one day. Mass deaths will increase.

Disasters and mass deaths will often be seen in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, India, Bangladesh and similar countries.

Because they are still stubboornly standing on the wrong side. It still doesn’t bother them to being the center of the black money and dirty business of the Ankebut Cult. They still continue to being satanic, sorcery, torture, rape, perversion, theft.

France will die and its corpse will stink and will be rotten. It will start to poison and infect the entire Europe.

The floods will be so massive that so many people will be worried if a process like Noah’s flood will begin.

The Ankebut Cult wants to carry out the plans about Iran before I break down the barrier called Iran and before I build a bridge between the Turkic worlds from the land… They want to hurry on that and they will use the so-called Turkic state called Azerbaijan for these plans.

They will use a stalling tactic against Turkiye by creating an artificial front on the Greece side. They will set up games to save Tayyip’s reputation, to heroizing him who hit the bottom. They may annonce that the so-called elections are delayed with these games.

The Ankebut Cult also wants to hurry because the politics in Turkiye is deadlocked. Everything is exposed, they have no room left for action. The central banks and the special banks in Turkiye and the banks in the countries under the official control of the Ankebut Cult are about to go bankrupt. They want to exploit Azerbaijan’s underground and aboveground riches as soon as possible. They will even kidnap its people, babies, children, women, organs and turn them into cash.

Also, the politics between nations is deadlocked around the world.

Bankruptcy news are coming one after another from all around the world…
They cannot delay it anymore.

They are planning a Kartal based terror attack by using PKK, DHKP-C and similar terrorist groups.

It will not be surprising to see governments who will use nuclear bombs against their own people. Because all of these governments are in desperate conditions. And also they don’t see themselves from their nations. They are the evil humans and evil aliens who sold their souls to Satan. Some of them are bionic robots. The real Dajjal makes the decisions for those tens of countries. The same person gives them the orders.

The industrial zones in so many countries will go bankrupt. Manufacturing will come to a standstill. Their currency will lose its value. They will not able to find raw material. It will be so hard for them to find petrol or gas. Their transportation system will not work properly. Banking activities and money transfering will not be able to possible because of the special banks that go bankruptcy one after another. The manufacturers will have major problems because of the violent demonstrations of the peoples. Like I said from the beginning, to protect the capital by exchanging it for gold and wait for the storm to pass is the most logical thing to do.

In the following process, even the countries under the control of the Ankebut Cult will start to fight each other for gas, mines, petrol and everything may bring money.

During this time, Russia, the USA, China, England, France, Japan, the South Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain will collapse and disintegrate one after another, even some of them will be wiped off the map.

PKK will do everything it can do for Tayyip, even though it seems against Tayyip. It will take all the risks for him. It is so important for PKK and the countries/governments who control PKK to prevent Tayyip from being overthrown and to continue to terrorist activities and black money businesses.

Hulusi Akar is one of the biggest human trafficking people in Turkiye, even in the world. Akar is also working with all the terrorist organizations in an organized way.

China and Russia are working with the countries in an organized way such as Israel, the USA and Azerbaijan who want to exploit Iran by intervening in Iran. There is no difference between them.

Iran’s officials are colluding with the officials in Turkiye.

The Iblees is like thirsty for blood… It makes him happy to see when the people die en masse. It makes him happy to see them destroyed. He says, “I am reaching my goal”. And then, he is starting to think about how Istanbul is getting stronger and it makes him depressed.

The Iblees is very exposed to our metaphysical signals that his body has got very smaller because of it. He looks even weaker, more exhausted and less strong than the powerful jinn around him. He wears his cape to hide his wounds and burns, most of the time.

Lately, so many people see floods in their dreams. It doesn’t indicate floods in reality. It indicates major financial crises that will take place. The people who see the dream or the people around them or the peoples they live with will experience major financial crises.

Because the flood sweeps everything away, it causes major financial harm and it leaves the people helpless.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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