They will pay a very, very heavy price

The financial crisis in the South Korea will grow more. Soon, everyone will see and hear the starving masses in that country. The people of the South Korea will pay a very, very heavy price to being seamlessly adapted to the England-based savage and cruel system.

Currently, the vaults of the banks are empty in Greece, Italy and Israel. The system has collapsed but it is not declared. They hide it.

Some of those who deepened the crisis by printing unbacked money are stupid to enter the elections to stay in power or they are under command. They are such weak-willed people who are given no right to choose, who are considered and used as guard dogs…

What difference does it make if the system keeps them in power with deceit by setting up the field illegally?

The system itself has collapsed, it is garbage now. What difference does it make if they save some parts of system which they won’t be able to do it.

Even their central banks have no money in reality. They will be unable to pay the salaries to the civil servants and the retirees. Very soon, the peoples who are in hunger in so many countries will fill the streets simultaneously. Those who won’t be able to withdraw their money from the banks will terrorize the countries.

Even if they will be able keep the control of the states, the black money traffick will not be opened. The black money won’t continue to flow. They managed the situation with the unrecorded black money and bought themselves some time. What would it change if they could stay in power?

Even the Iblees and Dajjal who are ruling the Ankebut Cult are messed up in the head. They are defeated. They are up to do shows that won’t give them a result rather than desperately watching the collapse of their system.

If they were sane, they wouldn’t do the Maraş-based attacks. They confirmed what I have been telling for years with the attack, they have exposed themselves. They also destroyed the crypto-ID traitors who were working for them or their families and relatives. They poured gasoline on their base and burned them.

Valuations that takes hours can be made on this issue and at the end it is said, “This is an unprecedented level of weakness, stupidy, irrationality… Only savages who have nothing left to do and those who never compromise their pride and arrogance can make these decisions.” And the subject is closed up with that “A bad temper harms its possessor most.”  And it remains only to wait the last part whose ending has already become certain.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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