I’ll knock down the sky dome on their heads

There is massive amount of seaweed in Florida’s coasts that can even be seen from outer space. It has been increasing within 5.000 mile of the area.

I have circled this area and made a publication about it. I also openly said that I will target the underground cities of the aliens in this area, recently.

There are so many strange things happening in the area since that day. And its number and damage are increasing.

The actual cause of the massive amount of seaweed grew in a very wide area is the underground cities in the area that cannot function anymore…

The underground cities in the area are in such a bad condition that even their climate system is malfunctioned. Therefore, it generates excess heat from the ground and the ocean floor overheats. Moreover, there are excessive gas outputs which reach the surface, towards the sea floor. All of this distrupt the balance of the seas/oceans and damage the marine creatures in the area.

I have mentioned repeatedly that I will not allow to those who artificially direct the climates, who want to deliberately cause drought and famine, who want to fundamentally undermine the livestock farming to breath under the ground.

Even those who cannot get concrete information on this subject can collect basic level of information by working with the mediums (psychics) all over the world. Those who disturb the order on earth won’t be able to breath both above and under the ground. No one who do harm our water, soil, seas, animals, plants and people will be able to survive above and under the ground. I will disintegrate the American continent and then the continent of Asia, Europe and Africa into a hundreds of pieces if necessary, I will do it by declaring it from the beginning but I will crush the related ones like a bug. I will bring the sky down on their head.

Everyone must come to their senses. Everyone pull themselves together. They should look what they have done and who they serve. Nobody will be demonized and be involve in evil businesses. Otherwise, they will die in very painful ways.

As the underground cities all around the world having huge problems, it will certainly reflect above the ground.

One of the subjects that has been drawing attention recently is the increasing mass fish death events in streams. This can happen due to various causes but a scientific study should be done if there is overheating from the ground and if there is excessive gas output.

So many people are also suffering throat burn in California which is in our target zone in the recent weeks. This event reflected in the press. Their artificial climatize system is very broken that there is gas release from the ground and from the sea floor. The gas leakage reached a high/heavy level and it causes various problems/health problems. Everything is happening in conjunction with one another. It is not illogical or non scientific.

I should also explain that metaphysical abilities are not non-scientific either. We already know that there is radiant around people’s bodies which is invisible to the human eye but visible to the devices…

We can send out signals which cannot be detected or classified by the devices and there are people who can control these signals and there are people who send out signals so much stronger than normal. We are calling them metaphysicists.

These people can achieve great things by focusing/sending their signal/energy to the living or non-living targets in a controlled way. There is nothing surprising about this. This fact should not be denied in this science and technology era.

It was denied in the eras without technology, in the eras nobody knew what atom, energy and electric was. But it cannot be denied now. These days, some diseases can be detected and treated by measuring the radiant energy or by making an intervention to the radiant energy with devices in the medical field. That’s all, what is so surprising about it?.. Everything is connected to energy and frequency in this planet, even in this universe.

Everything is a part of a flow of energy and have different frequencies. And those who have the ability to interfere with energy can achieve incredible success.

The prophets have the most of that kind of high energy, high spiritual/metaphysical power and the knowledge and wisdom to use it properly. And also those who sincerely follow the prophets, who are diligent at the material and spiritual knowledge and who have passed their test by suffering have that kind of power. These kind of people are now turning the world into heaven which is turned into hell by the iblees and the dajjal.

It is the prototype of the apocalypse to cause a reaction by interfering with the atom of matter with nuclear technology. It is the tiny version of it. That kind of intervention can be done to atoms that make up the matter with metaphysical techniques.

In fact, only one person can cause an apocalypse in the entire universe with metaphysical interfere. Metaphysics is so dangerous.

Israfil (pbuh) will blow a metaphysical blast when the time comes, will spread it, all matter will be atomized, will disperse into atoms. Everything will be disappeared and that will be the apocalypse. But nothing actually will be disappeared. Being invisible does not mean being really disappeared. Israfil (pbuh) will blow a second metaphysical blast and all the atoms will fuse again and everything will return to their former conditions. Therefore, the planets, the realms, the plants, the animals, the gasses, the water, the soil, the rocks and mountains will return their former conditions after the second blast.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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