I will kill billions of Gypsies

Very high number of magicians from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India were mobilized in the last hours. They were attacking Istanbul in an organized way. The metaphysicists already know about these harsh conflicts.

It is noteworthy that they shook with earthquakes one after another. And these were very strange earthquakes…

I would never broke my word, I will kill billions of gypsies. I will disintegrate the continents, if it is necessary.

They still worship the iblees, instead of being human, being wise, learning from their mistakes and fearing Allah.

(photos from India)

This is retaliation. Whoever destroyed us will be destroyed. We said it from the beginning but do not get it wrong. Because it is just the beginning… It is the trailer and the movie hasn’t even started yet.

And what happened in Pakistan is not without reason. They should think about what the divine justice is. What goes around comes around… They may be given time but they will be done when the time is over.

Pakistan is not a brother country to Turkiye. It showed this tens of times, especially over the past one year. It did everything under the command of the Ankebut Cult. It has served to the Ankebut Cult after the Maraş-based earthquakes on the people and organ smuggling part. They caused us suffer.

We will bury those who caused us suffer under the ground.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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