Istanbul will be the new Silicon Valley of the world

Dünyanın yeni Silikon Vadisi İstanbul olacak

The new Silicon Valley will be the entire region of the Marmara and Thracia in Turkey. And its center will be Istanbul…

The name of the region of Thracia will be changed. We will not call Aegan region as Aegean. We will also not use the name Anatolia. All the false names similar to this one will be changed.

These are the Turkish lands for ten thousand years… It is not our first time here, we just came back here. We made Istanbul the capital city of the Single World State in the Dhul-Qarnayn era. We led the entire world in Istanbul-based management. Then, we went to the other planets, conquered those planets and led those lands with an Istanbul-based management. We went all the way up to where the sun disappears.

Why would we use the names the Greeks and Armenians gave who are brought here yesterday and who have no clear origin…

In fact, the Ottoman Empire named the Aegean sea as the White sea.

They have been brought here to kill the humanity, to spread the perversion, to increase the murders, massacres and diseases, to prevent the Turks’ order… They even call us the problematic, the invader, the barbaric. There wouldn’t be a world history without the Turks.

I wrote it openly, there is no objection even though months have passed since then. There is no such things as traditional Chinese medical, traditional Indian medical or traditional Japanese medical in the world. All of them are the Dhul-Qarnayn medical, namely the Turkish medical… That is how we embroidered the world in the Dhul-Qarnayn era when the world was a single State that the Iblees cannot destroy the influence completely, even though he is trying it for thousands of years.

It is worse for him that we are entering the second Dhul-Qarnayn era.

Even the South American food ‘tacos’ is a Turkish legacy. Even Italy and Spain still live by centering the Turkish legacy.

It is already proven that even the Sumerians were Turkic people. There are Turks in the world and what else is there?

They should just stop the empty efforts, they can no longer deceive anyone…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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