Either, they’ll die or obey to Istanbul

The administrative staff of Russia will change. The time is immenent. Everyone must be prepared.

Those who are distancing themselves from the USA that we collapsed and who are trying to get close to China are preparing their own end. There is no future for China.

Seven leaders… They will either die or they will follow Istanbul. There is no third chance.

There are six alien cities under the ground of the Spil Mount in Manisa, Turkiye for so many years. This is one of the reasons why Manisa (Magnesia) has been considered a city with high magnetic energy…

It is not possible for Israel to recover again. They have been keeping the so-called state alive by shedding blood, exploiting, dragging countries to wars and internal wars, creating terror organizations and using them.

Istanbul has already disrupted the existing world order at a great extent and it will continue to do it. The project of the dajjal and the iblees called Israel will be collapsed completely, soon.

They are doing magic collectively, so no one can see, know, evaluate or talk about Israel is collapsing and about how weak Israel is. They are trying to distract people’s minds and attention from this truth by using metaphysics.

Soon, there will be collapses around the world, including in Turkiye. There will be deep and wide collapses due to the collapses of the underground cities. Hz. Mahdi will cause all of them. Tur Sinai, Tabut-u sekine, the wand of Moses, the seal of Suleiman and others… Hz. Mehdi have them all and he can destroy the entire universe if he wants. He can cause the end of the world.

The advanced tunnel system that aliens are using under the ground that connects the continents will be damaged due to the collapses. Those who cause artificial drought and famine… Those who cause energy crises… Those who cause artificial food crises… Those who try to exterminate the people and the animals… Those who attack the balance of nature… Those who create artificial disasters… Those who smuggle human and organ… Those who try to destroy the religion and morality will not be able to live happily under the ground.

The domination of Israel in Cyprus will be ended. Israel who had to stepped back against Istanbul for so many times in the last weeks will have to to do the same on the Cyprus issue.

We will not have a close/good relationship with Egypt. We will not be a friend of them. We will never trust them. We will not allow the so-called islamic movements created by masons to spread in Turkiye. We will not allow Egypt to increase its black money businesses in Turkiye as a pawn of others. The tratior and money launderer Ankara government has no longer validity. We will prevent their activities on this issue until the day they overthrown.

I said it before. The European Union has no longer validity…

NATO has no different from the UN…

We will be in a hurry on the cargo helicopter project. We will produce thousands of one model that can fly with and without pilots. We will need it so much. We will also sell it to the world.

All the gas and petrol facilities in Algeria and Bulgaria and their land and marine vehicles to transfer it, and also all the people working in the facilities and all the electronic devices in the facilities will be exposed to our signals in the highest level.

All the parties who still work for London and still work with Ankara government against Istanbul will burn even in their own country, there will be explosions and they will die. Also, there will be huge financial crises in their countries.

Their ships and trains that transporting petrol, LNG, LPG and similar chemical materials will burn and explode. They will be in a worse condition than the USA.

We will make new interventions to corner Macron more who is already cornered and became very aggressive like a vicious dog. Those who work with France will go bankrupt.

We are after TCG Anadolu. We will never allow it to be used against Turkiye and for money laundering businesses.

Macron’s trips abroad didn’t work and it will not.

So many people are seeing snakes in their dreams lately. Because the enemies of Turkiye want to insidiously harm Turkiye.

To dream snakes in packs indicates the confrontations of the two enemy parties. Turkiye will conflict with the internal and foriegn parties who are trying to prevent Turkiye from gaining its freedom.

Turkiye will cut its relation with the Western world with a harsh intervention. Everyone must be prepared for this.

The people who see earthquakes in Ankara in their dreams have increased, still increasing. It indicates that the Ankara government will be overthrown, soon.

The people who see earthquakes in Istanbul in their dreams have increased. That indicates that they can no longer keep the exchange under control and it will collapse.

I remind it again: There will be collapses under the Istanbul Bosphorus and under the coastline. This can be delayed but cannot be prevented. Those who have property on that area will suffer great losses. And there will be so many civillian casualties…

There are passages among the alien facilities and the mansions on the both sides of the Bosphorus. All of those mansions will collapse.

So many people will die around the world noticeably because of the metaphysics. People will consider it as an infectious disease. But also real infectious diseases will spread. The world is not allowed to stay as a place like hell anymore. All the people and all the nations who don’t want to live humanly and who don’t want to correct themselves will be destroyed.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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