There is no any Islamic state in the world

Saudi America hosted a card game tournament that men and women could participated in its capital, Riyadh.

They did a very good job. It’s a very good news.

As I always said, there is no islamic country in the world. There are tens of states that are named “islamic states” and in full control of the England-based system of the dajjal.

Saudi America is only one of these states… It has never been a real islamic state, a real islamic regime or a real islamic civilization…

So many England-based projects have been implemented in our lands that are taken from us with countless deceits and betrayals. There have been many struggles. Those lands are still under the control of England and Israel… There is no real, legal state called Saudi Arabia.

In these days, magic, fraud, satanism, every kind of money laundering, drugs, sexual perversion, gambling are incredibly common in the lands called Saudi Arabia.

They have nothing to do with not only islam but humanity.

In fact, most of the people named Arabians are not real Arabians, they are gypsy descent.

Their activities and regulations against religion of islam in such a so-called country in the recent times doesn’t make us, the real muslims sad. It doesn’t hurt us. On the contrary, it makes us happy.

The so-called islamic regulations implemented through the illegal state called Saudi Arabia
caused us, the muslims to suffer a lot, until today. It caused the religion of islam and the muslims to be misunderstood.

Saudi America is a so-called islamic country that doesn’t believe the earth is round, that create trouble every eid el-Fitr and eid al-Adha, that turns the determination of the eid days into a crisis by ignorant and satanic interventions…

Saudi America is the epicenter of the Salafi/Wahhabi movement, the so-called islamic terror organizations caused by the movement and countless murders and massacres that have been commited…

Volumes of books must be written to count all the mess of such a state who was taken from us through a fraudulent process full of betrayals, that have a so-called islamic stance even though it is at satanism’s disposal… Even the surroundings of Kaaba are full of satanists and satanic themes. Even the logos of the official institutions of the so-called country and the shapes of the buildings in the central regions have satanic theme… When the time is come, all the truth about Saudi America will be told and written. It is a very pleasing development that they are openly displaying the attitude about they are moving away from islam, recently…

The balances Istanbul is changing and its interventions causing this for more than ten years. They have to act this way. First, they have taken the path of rejection of the Salafi/Wahhabi stance openly through officials channels, and now the entire religion of Islam…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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