Didn’t you expect that?

Why did you surprised? I did it by announcing it.
Whenever I get angry, I though about the “civillians, innocents, children”, I fought myself.

You prepared these conditions, and you are the responsible ones for the billions of civilians who are dead or will be dead on your lands. I offered you humaneness, to get along in a civilized way, I gave you time, I have been patient more than you can ever imagine. I said, “stop doing these inhumane businesses, belive whatever you want, your religions or opinions does not interest me”. I said “at least everyone must comply with the humane/conscientious rules”. Did I ask for too much?

Now, I will even pull the ground from under your feet.

Now, not only the psychics, but everyone in the world can see what is happening to you and you should just wait for tomorrow and the following days…

You will not believe what will happen to you. You will propably think that you are in a movie scene or you will think that you are still asleep and dreaming.

My patience has its limits and I have lost it with you…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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