If you knew them truly, you would tear them apart to destroy them

Everyone should know that almost all of the astrologers you see on the media or on the TV are also psychics.

They are clairvoyant. They can see visions even when they are awake. And these people are hiding the fact that they have this talent. They can see many things in the future correctly by using their clairvoyance, even without using astrology. But they don’t tell you, even though they know what they see is correct. Because they don’t want to do humanity a favor. They tell you the opposite of what they see, what they know.

Also, almost all of these people are magicians. Many of them are merciless, ritualist, satanist magicians who do magic by slaughtering people and animals.

They are smiling at you on Tv or on the media everyday, from all around the world and acting like they are good people. You would tear them apart, if you would know what they really do. In fact, you would find their houses and offices and destroy them.

We killed a very high number of them, so far. We don’t know the total number of the deads. The most of them died while they were attacking us to kill us. But, there are still many of them. And from now on, we will prioritise them. We will kill very high number of this kind of astrologers, psychics, magicians from all around the world with using metaphysics from afar.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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