Obedience to the justice system is no longer obligatory in Turkiye

Our perspective on life is so much different but I appreciate Övgün Ahmet Ercan for the attitude he had, since the beginning of the process. I noted all the officials who have mediated to those who detained him after my recent rightful/accurate posts. I noted everyone who gave the traitor politicians the control of the judicial system.

Those officials have already lost their legitimacy and prepared their own end.

From now on, the traitors and their accomplices will be punished, not those who tell the people the truth.

I do not recognize and obey the judicial system that let the thiefs, plunderers, traitors, terrorists stay in the head of our state institutions, even though their guilt were proved, I don’t recognize the judicial system that doesn’t prosecute these people and put our people in every kind of danger but detained a professor who aim to tell the people the truth.

I do not recognize the judicial system that has been put on alert to protect the human trafficker and organ smuggler countries, the so-called aid workers, the so-called field hospitals and the officials who work for those countries.

The curse of Allah be upon these so-called justice officials…

Has anyone gone to the region to listen to those claims from the people? Did anyone find all those missing people who are alive? Or had anyone carry out a proper investigation in the field? Is it law, is it justice?

We are on the edge of the knife, now…

As of now, Turkey is not a state of law. No one has to obey to the administrators (the electeds and appointeds) and the official institutions who don’t recognize the law.

It is time to punish these bandits who threat the nation with the power of the nation…

A person who instructed his men to “take them down” for the people who were in pain and booing the leaders that their betrayals are obvious with the concrete evidences is an enemy of the state and the nation, even if his name is Devlet (State). He is a vagrant who does not recognize the law. He should be responded in the language he understands. The state institutions and the officials must get out from between this vagrant and our people who are in pain, immediately.

We will see who will take down who.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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