Duhan surrounds the world

The number of strange deaths with unknown causes have increased in the South Korea.

The strange deaths will continue to increase, around the world. In most of the cases, the people will die by holding their heads or putting their hands on the head. They will be unable to diagnose the cause and say that they died due to a heart attack or brain hemorrhage.

It will increase so much that they will start not to take them to the hospitals. They will make no intervention to the people that they transport to the hospitals to avoid the reaction of the public. It will be impossible for them to make it in time, to understand what it is, to prevent it or to save them.

It is a scientifical fact that the matter turns into energy. Everything we see and touch is made of atoms, so everything have energy. Everything that made of atoms and having energy is actually a living thing in some sense. Even the inanimate beings are living things, if we look at it that way, they are all in motion and maintain its existence in the perfect balance.

So, the metaphysicists who are good at metaphysics can distrupt the energy balance that form the basis of the animate and the inanimate beings. They can do this, even from a great distance. The doctors and specialists cannot even understand what’s happening.

People die when their heart stop. They die when their brain cease to function. They burn from the inside, they suffer an enormous pain, until they die. They have a stroke and lose the control of their bodies. Those who still alive burn like glowing embers on the inside. Their skin, flash, mucles burn. Most of them cannot stand the pain and kill themselves. They experience the hell, before they go to hell.

This is what happens to all the evil people (including the evil aliens) from around the world. The energy balance is getting distrupted. Dukhan cause this smoke/vibration. This is what described in the hadith and the ayat.

Yes, the Dukhan is spreading the world.

Infectious diseases will increase.
The infectious diseases and the diseases the Dukhan caused will get mixed up. Everything will get so complicated and the world will be a clean, very clean place.

There will be silent coups in the some countries. The armies will take over the control, even though it will seem that the administrations has not changed. They will control the traitor governments in the way as they want.

There are so many deads among the satanist alien species…

Tayyip’s death is so imminent. It is imminent, even though I keep myself back. They cannot make business against me in Turkey and in the world, even though I’m staying back. No one can make business that ignores me. Even my shadow is enough to be a problem, an obstacle for them.

Moreover, they are like a fish out of water. They don’t know what to do.

Years ago, there was a scene of Trump in the series, the Simpsons which is one of the shows created with the support of a metaphysicists crew…

There will be big exposures about Tayyip and his gang. The related institutions and the officials will have to do their jobs, carry out investigations and interventions through the state’s power in the process of the revelations based on concrete evidences. Even their antihuman businesses will be exposed.

There will also be mass deaths in Greece.

Are the people who appear Tayyip’s children in the field Tayyip’s real children? This is a very controversial subject…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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