Darwin was a demon-influenced wretch

Darwin was a miserable man who possessed by the jinn. He lived his whole life under mind control and lost his mental health after a while.

It is the Iblees who want to spread secularism and communism above and under the ground…

He set up different games for the parties. He had a great struggle with his jinn and also had a great struggle through the alien human species under his command.

And he established the era of the Dajjal (the antichrist), an era full of darkness…
Now, this era is about to end and they want to prevent it together with the Dajjal.

As the astrologers who tell the truth said, a real and shocking Enlightenment will begin. Everything will fall into place but most of the people who read this article of mine will be dead by then.

Because, the final scene will be so bloody and destructive. It will be full of calamities and battles. I ran into a history teacher in the university, once. He said, “revolutions are bloody, it is not a revolution, if it is not bloody”.

The cowards, the miserables, the irreligious ones, stateless ones, satanists, Masons… Very high number of people who consciously or unconsciously serve the Iblees will die and we will enter a new era. A process of a real revolution will take place.

The mass deaths that I’ve mentioned might not occur due to the bombardments of the Dajjal and his system. I will cancel all of my recent decisions, if they won’t make any concrete move, until the morning. We will do this, without their assistance. They will be collapsed above and under the ground, simultaneously.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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