The person “Sufyan” mentioned in the hadiths is Tayyip…

As revealed in the hadiths, Sofyan will appear in the end times and will give the ummah dark times. He will be a terrible and hypocrite person who will try to destroy the Shaair of Islam. (The islamic principles by acting like a muslim and by becoming the head of the muslims) (Kenzü’l-Ummal, 11/125; İsmail Hakkı, Ruhu’l-Beyan, İstanbul, 8/197).

According to the hadiths, Sofyan won’t leave Damascus, but he will invade and will rule Damascus. They used to call great lands as Damascus. They didn’t mean the current Damascus. So, you should think the entire Syria when you hear Damascus.

It is informed in the hadiths that hz. Mahdi will appear in his early ages after Sofyan appeared and started to his activities and he will stop Sofyan to achieve his goals about Damascus, that he will spoil his plan. And it is also informed that Sofyan and hz. Mahdi will conflict and hz. Mahdi will be prevailed. Not only both of them but their systems will be in conflict.

It is informed that Sofyan and his system will act the role of muslims and will always deceive the muslims.

In so many hadiths, the real Quds, namely Istanbul meant by the word “Quds’. Also Istanbul meant by the word ‘Medina’.

It is necessary to pay attention to this matter in the hadiths about Sofyan.

Sofyan is also one of the dajjals of the end times. But he is not the actual dajjal…

Sofyan means a loose, mindless, fool person who gives up his religion for the worldly life.

It means a person who obey the Dajjal’s system, who acts with the system’s directions and become one of the Dajjals.

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