Isn’t this form better than previous one?

Should we change our decision?

Soon, the west world will not only be on its knees, it will be crawling on its face. The world balances will concretely change. Istanbul will be the center of the world in a concrete way.

At this time, the alien cities under Iran will be defeated, there is the risk of collapse for some of them. It makes the most sense to start to turn the massive area into a sea when we include Iran into Turkey, very easily and very quickly. Because the entire country is arid and spiritually in darkness. Satanist savagery engraved on the region. After thousands of years, we should scraped all this ugliness away from there. We will make the underground cities uninhabitable which feed up with the aridity of the region.

We should dig that massive area and use the mines, gas, treasures that will come out from the ground to heal our wounds. We will take our revenge in this way from those who collapsed Turkey. And then, we will turn it into a sea. We will connect it to the sea by a narrow gate. And then, we will connect the artificial sea that we will create to the Khazar sea and build the entire of this into a offshore farm and produce sea creatures we want. The offshore farm will constantly make money… Every part of it will be under our control. Our navy will take a flight. We will sail across the ocean, rapidly.

We will build very wide and concrete filled lands by using the soil, stones, rocks we will obtain from the massive area and we will construct new and disaster-resistant cities on them.

Israel which is a country full of satanists seem to be collapse and will be submerged in the sea. It is not certain but, we can build a canal from there and connect it to the Khazar sea, if this happens. Then, we will also bring these canals and all the projects to other countries when we take back our lands called Saudi Arabia.

There are a lot of work to do. There are money, capitals, gold, mines, gas, treasure everywhere…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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