They gave their message again…

The Asad character went to Oman after 12 years.

He went to Oman which is one of England’s tools way worse than England which has gone bankrupt… He went to the so-called state called Oman… The backyard of Israel… Oman which is used for the bloody and black money businesses as a cheap tool…

When their business went wrong, when they hit the hard rock in Turkey/Istanbul side, they prefer to establish an image, to give messages. They are such pathetic men, thinking that it is a show of strength.

From now on, the Asad character cannot stay in power in Syria. Even if all the pawns of the Ankebut Cult would try so hard to keep Asad and Tayyip in power.

They are making official visits and contacts because they know that they have been badly weakened. They are only acting.

If they were powerful, they wouldn’t try to make a show, they would take action.

In a land that goes against Istanbul, no one’s grass can grow up. Not even one plant of them can work. Their ships cannot float. Their plants cannot generate electricity. Their armies will be decimated, their vehicles will break out, their munition will explode by itsef.

You can hit the alien dajjal or Satan on the head, you can punch them, kick them or even give them a flying kick in this world, you can take that risk but no one can even look at Istanbul sideways. Those who look at Istanbul sideways will be left eyeless. Those who try to work with the pawns will be left without pawns, games and fields.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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