Are you scared? Do not scare, everywhere will be destroyed.

Not only Quds (Jerusalaem) and its surroundings…

You worshipped the Iblees and corrupted the humanity, you turned this world into a hell and you claimed superiority, even though you have done all of it.

Aren’t you the chosen people of Allah?
What will the peoples do who you call goyims, if even you are afraid?

Look at the verse of Quran :

Say, “O Prophet,” “O Jews! If you claim to be Allah’s chosen “people” out of all humanity, then wish for death, if what you say is true.” (If you are true in your claim, you should not be afraid of the death that will lead you to heaven and the mercy of Allah).

All of your religion, beliefs, deeds are built on Satanism… You have no connection with Judaism, with Ben-i Israel, with the prophets of Ben-i Israel. You share no kinship with them and also have not share the same belief and deeds.

Even scapegoat is a name of a satanist ritual. You followed the Iblees, you always did what the Iblees said. You already know each other very well. All you do is magic, rituals, murderers, torture, rape.

Loan-sharking, usury, mafias, every kind of black and bloody money businesses… Struggle to ruin everything humanity have… What else do you have?

You are the chosen people of the Iblees, not the people of Allah.

Allah give respite to the people to test them and creates causes and then bury you into the ground. Your carcasses and atoms remain in this world but your souls are taken to Hell.

That is the whole story…

A metaphysicist good at metaphysics can disintegrate a huge building into atoms.

A metaphysicist better at metaphysics can destroy a big county or even a big city, or even a big country.

A metaphysicist great at metaphysics can completely destroy an underground city that built with very high technology and is protected. This is a metaphysical power the prophets have. People like hz. Uzair, hz. Luqman, hz. Dhul-Qarnayn who have gained much more merits than the prophets, even though they are not prophets also have this metaphysical power.

Hz. Israfil (a.s.) will have the greater power. He will blow the Sur’a, he will send a blast and the whole universe will disintegrate into atoms, simultaneously. This will be the Day of Judgement.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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