That’s how these things are goes…

The election thief and the illegitimate president of the USA:

He said, “we do not seek conflict, we seek to compete with China. We are not planning a new cold war”.

You know the process he made such a statement. China is helpless, trying hard not to go bankrupt. The North Korea is already helpless. It takes orders from the Pentagon. The issue of Taiwan can be resolved immediately, Japan can be relieved, but…

It is certain now that the USA and its allies did not and will not move against China and the North Korea, even though they had an historic opportunity and Istanbul suddenly changed the balances. They are making many maneuvers in a row to defuse the tension. If a war breaks out accidently, they will perish.

Look at them, they cannot do anything. Because, there are collusions going on in that region of the world. If they are not in collusion completely, at least they are in collusion partly.

Instead of moving against China and the North Korea that they made them look like the great enemies, they have made a move against Istanbul who reveals that they are colluding on the Turkey-Greece issue, who has changed the balances in Asia and reveals the collusion. Yes, yes… They got angry, they were distraught and they did this all together.

They meant that “why would we really fight each other. We are already deceiving the whole humanity of the world. Stop exposing everything. Stop disrupting the balances in everywhere. Stop making every day of us a living hell. Stop ruining our black money businesses. Stop understanding that we are smuggling organs and doing human trafficking with an inter-State alliance. We are humiliated in front of the whole world”. And they created major artificial earthquakes in Turkey.

They wanted to take a step forward and attemp to make an invasion in Turkey but they hit the hard rock. Despite the Ankara government’s very daring betrayals, they have failed to invade Turkey with the intention to help it.

The fight has not over yet. Istanbul is determined to clean up this world that turned in to a hell. Whatever the price… I will make them pay heavy prices to those who made us pay prices.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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