The Antichrist (Dajjal) is having dark days

The dajjal is completely surrounded, his every plan/game turns against himself quickly, he has been going through a really rough time, lately.

He doesn’t know how or where to intervene, how to set up games. He knows that the west is already collapsed and he cannot keep it alive. A new China-based Ankebut Cult couldn’t overcome thr Istanbul obstacle and has already collapsed. He is making plans about Kazakhstan these days. He is planning to make Kazakhstan the new center of the world soon but he is consoling himself.

The alien who is doing his duty in Lavrov’s bionic robot is one of the loyal men of the dajjal… He wants to put the alien to another bionic robot character in Kazakhstan. He has already accepted that he can no longer hold Russia. Also the alien in Lavrov’s character has no love or care for Russia at all. He wouldn’t have any grief or pain even for a minute, if all Russia would collapse and ruin.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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