This thing called Niburu may be an artificial planet

(This publications is the one-sided part of the conversation of Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya and one of his followers on a social media application.)

It can be attacked seriously in past centuries. Some parts of it can be useless. Elliptical orbit can be a faulty detection. Maybe it couldn’t determine a reliable orbit because of the malfunctiones on the artificial planet and it is revolving around the sun. Despite this, there can be a high number of people living on this planet. There can be a high number of humans of the world among them. Even a higher number of humans than are in this world can be on this artificial planet…

This artificial planet also could be known by everyone in the times of Dhul-Qarnayn and the prophet Solomon. And even there could be so many people who travelled to this planet.

This artificial planet could be put in the middle of the road to facilitate a longer-range journey in that time. It could be the reason why it was called the transiting planet.

It can harm our world because of it get so close to the sun and our world and due to the imbalance in its artificial magnetic field during the transit of it.

If it will cause serious damage on the magnetic field of the world, it can cause many serious problems and especially violent earthquakes, giant waves (Tsunami), behavioral disorders.

Even the comet that will be passing in a couple of days can be niburu. Tangible scientific data is needed in order to say something definite on all these issues but there is no such possibility in the world.

Because the academicians who are made famous by all the space agencies and the media agencies are connected to the Ankebut Cult.

I do not know if niburu will be passing the earth, what will be its name, what are the details but something will definitely pass and big events will take place.

Let me be clearer, even if it will not cause disasters with its magnetic gravitational force, there will be sudden changes and disasters in the world’s balances.

Also astrologically, it seems that an era will be over and a new era will begin. This is certain and the astrologers avoid speaking clearly on this subject either.

Some of them are connected to the Ankebut Cult and they don’t want the humanity to hear this truth which devastated them when they found out.

Some of them don’t know what will happen to them if they talk and they don’t talk about it.

For now, this is all I can say in general…

When the struggle of the prophet Moses against the Pharaoh intensified, a serious skin disease emerged among the Coptics in Egypt. They knew the metaphysical techniques and they blamed “the prophet Moses and his followers” for this. After a short while, they came onto the prophet Moses and his followers, they intended to kill them all and the event of the drowning in the Red Sea happened.

The history is repeating itself. The drownings are very near… The end of the movie is very near…

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