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The recent publications about the core of the Earth are malicious… The core of the Earth does not stop and it does not spin in the opposite direction. If it stops, great disasters would occur until it stops. And if it spins in the opposite direction, it would change the balance of everything. It would make the Earth uninhabitable.

I have said it in my shocking publications months ago that some alien species interfere with the core of the world to break down the Mount Qaff known as the Van Allen Radiation Belt. Because the energy shield is drawing its energy from the core of the Earth. They stayed back for a while because of my publications but they are cornered now. They want to escape from this world and they are taking risks. They have started to prepare the minds for extraordinary situations to happen. When this occurs, they will say “that’s what they told, that’s the reason why it have occured”.

At that time, they were preparing the minds by saying “There will be massive explosions on the sun and there will be negative reflections of it on our world. They are deceiving everyone. I was saying that “There will be no explosion on the sun as they claim and the alleged events that the sun will cause on our world will not occur. What happened? None of this happened. They fell silent…

No one should believe these simple lies of those because of the academics, the leading press and media outlets or the leaders, governments are spreading them.

There is more time to remove the shield that is protecting our planet. Many events will take place here, in this world and then the shield will be removed…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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