They must be hurry

The enemies of Germany will be seen as the enemies of Istanbul and the entire Istanbul-based system, from the moment they officially display a pro-Istanbul stance. They will take the necessary response.

First, they will take heavy blows using metaphysical techniques. Right after that, the political, financial and military balances will fall on them. They will be unable to see straight from struggling its problems. They will be unable to walk straight.

The time is now too short for those who want to change the government in Italy. They will be entered the shadow of Istanbul when they start to take concrete steps forward. They will be openly supported.

Also, our opposition to the jews is not like racism… There were jewish people among the Sahaba and they had never experienced racism, never excluded or tortured. Everyone knows what kind of jews we are opposed toıı. Our brothers who converted to islam among the Jews should not hesitate to declare this and to contact us, if they are sincere. They should come under the wing of Istanbul.

I have always said and am still saying the same thing to the countries that are dragging into a collapse and experiencing heavy losses. It will be the salvation of those countries to adapt the Istanbul-based system. The golden rule is very clear: Those who don’t harm anyone will not be harmed…

The parties in question should immediately have a concrete contact with Istanbul. And they should accept from the beginning that there will be war reparations after all those years of war. They should make pro-Istanbul statements, without wasting time. The signal will be cut from those who do this.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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