They are deceiving tremendously

Many alien species who live in the underground cities in secret, their administrators and spiritual leaders are being deceived.

The alien species who live under the ground in this world in secret are being deceived about they would have problems with the oxygen level, the atmospheric pressure and the daylight, if they come above the ground.

They think that they can only come above the ground in a bionic robot, they think that the sunlight, the gas density balance and the atmospheric pressure would cause their immediate death. They are being badly deceived by their leaders who are like Satan. They are being dragged into both their world and afterlife disasters.

They are convinced that it is not possible for the humans and the aliens to live together. But in the real history of this world, humans and aliens could live together on Earth at many different times. And then, the iblees played his games, have distrupted the balances, caused sedition and bloodshed.

Many of the alien species have been badly deceived about the religious of islam and the Quran. The Quran is not a book of metaphysics. İt’s not a book of magic, either. Our prophet is not a magician. Magic and fortune-telling are strictly forbidden in the religion of islam.

The muslim metaphysicists who are entering into metaphysical conflicts by reading or listening the ayats (verses) are so powerful because the Quran is the word of Allah. It has no connection with magic at all.

There is high level of censor in many of the underground cities to prevent the spread of my publications, ayats, hadiths and the explanations… The political and religious leaders of the alien species are using their last chance. The poor alien species who would immediately accept if they would see and hear the transparent truth are now dying in vain.

Quran is the last sacred scripture not only appeals to the world humanity, but appeals to all the alien and jinn species.

The demonized humans are being exposed to the signal, getting hit by the signal and dying with blood in their mouths and saying, “Quran gets in the way of everything. How could Mfs know about us without Quran… We were about to win and break down the Mount Qaf. Damn, damn, damn.” and they are deceiving both under and above the ground and dragging them into disasters.

The political and religious leaders who are pretending to follow Satan to have material prosperity and a life with reputation are aware of all the truths. They know that islam is the only true religion and that the religious of islam and the Quran is everywhere in space…

They giving away the ayats of Allah in exchange for a few coins, for temporary pleasures in this brief worldly life. They are the most cursed ones of the people…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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