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The main purpose of the Quran-burning provocation that carried out for many different purposes was to strengthen the hand/conditions of Putin and Tayyip and to enlarge their room for action.

They have no value, boundary, moralty. If their plan had not failed, if they had lost the control while the process was continuing, they wouldn’t even care if millions of people had killed each other. They would be very pleased to remain in power and they would continue to every kind of devilry, exploitation, black money business, murderers, massacres. They would begin to calculate how they could smuggle the organs of the deads during this hideous game, and how many people they could kidnap in the chaos.

They were going to try something else in the continuation of the Quran-burning game in Sweden. They were going to even try to make moves to drop Istanbul out of the game, if the conditions were right. And also, Lavrov is like a mentor of them and is involved in every dirty work.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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