They will be the losers

Netanyahu made his choice. You can already evaluate that he and his government went into big crises, that they are in insurmountable trouble and overthrown. From now on, it is clear and certain what will happen…

You can make decisions based on this. You should know that you will be one of the big losers with Netanyahu and his gang if you make decisions in the opposite direction.

Did you know that Netanyahu has often said to his men, ”Devlet Bahçeli is the one who knows the best way to fight against the Turks. Consult him”.

I will leave no room for action of Israel in Syria. I will not allow Israel to win through the blowing wind from Istanbul, anywhere in the world and on any issue.

The inside of those few bionic robots known as the world leaders may be empty at the moment. There is no alien inside of them and all the burden may have left to the lifeless, artificially intelligent robots by taking risk. Those who inside of the robots are keep dying. The system they have established with bionic robots in the world may be about to collapse.

Today may not be that day but the day is not far at all.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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