Spring must come to Africa

I will turn Africa into a place to live in abundance and prosperity. They will reach that level of abundance without owing anything to anyone, without being oppressed. I will pay what they deserve by turning their own underground and above ground riches into money, by buying and selling it. I won’t give cash money each time, I will send everything they need.

I will never allow anyone to exploit Africa. I will send Africans plenty of high quality food materials, medicine, medical devices, furniture, building materials, technological devices, macines, clothings in return as I extract the underground riches. I will ensure that Africa will become a self-sufficient continent as soon as possible, I will make them reach the conditions of continuous manufacturing and shopping.

I will force no one to change their religion. I’ll give great freedom of religion/conscience but I will never allow to terrorism, satanism and atheism and also homosexuality and sorcery. I will not allow these anywhere in the world.

Everyone should make decisions, accordingly. No one has to be on my side but everyone should know my conditions for those who are on my side. They should come to me with honesty or don’t come at all, remain an enemy of me. Everyone should know which issues I will not compromise on.

I will include them into Turkey if they accept. İt will be the land of Turkey and no one will kill, exploit, kidnap or starve them.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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