There is only one Syria

The ”armed” groups called ”opponents” are terrorists, separatists, the tools of foreign powers.

They are murderers who were brought in from many different countries, armed, trained by dozens of invader, colonialist countries especially England and The USA and used for every kind of black money businesses.

There has never been an internal war in Syria and there is still no war at the moment. What is happening in Syria is an invasion, exploitation attemp of Syria through the terrorists and terror organizations who were brought together by the certain countries. The Syria plan of the countries in question has not been implemented by the great support of Istanbul and Greater Middle East Project (GMEP) sank into the swamp in Syria.

The AKPKK government have been used and still in use as a tool against Syria, Istanbul and the region, in this process. This is not even open for discussion and everything have been told in the press and media with the proofs for all these years.

There has never been such a thing as ”moderate opposition” and there still isn’t. And there is no such a valid definition on the legal basis. Also PYD, PKK and HPG and its variants are armed terror organizations.

There will be no longer distinction such as the regime, opponents, kurds, etc. There will only be Syria in Syria. There will only be Bashar al-Assad and his nation and armed elements in Syria, as it should be. There will be those who recognize the authority and those who refuse to recognize the authority, namely the rebels. The rebels will be treated the way they deserve. There will be no discrimination between Turkish, Kurdish, Arabian, moderate, this or that.

Not only the Turkish army, the Russian army, the elements of the Iranian army and allied militias will withdraw from Syria, also the USA’s army and all the other elements will withdraw immediately.

The USA recognition of the terror organizations like YPG, etc. as legitimate is not a measure for anyone. The USA’s resistance not to recognize them as terrorist organizations is against the law and it is complicity in crimes and terror.

In fact, the USA which is a state of terror has conducted organized operations with terror organizations from the background around the world for dozens of years and created terror organizations in certain regions when considers necessary and they have commited crimes against humanity.

At the final stage, the USA’s attempt for legalization of Taliban became also scandalous. The USA would legalize worldwide a terror organization full of monsters like Taliban which it has created and used from the beginning, if there were no Istanbul obstacle. No country/government and no community in the world have to take such a country like the USA into consideration.

It is also a scandal in the world history what the American authorities said about they could eliminate the Russian army in a few hours by using the armed, murderer, black moneyer terrorist groups like YPG in Syria. It is an act of a legitimate and necessary war against the USA.

That kind of statements are also an act of a legitimate and necessary war between Turkey and the USA. It is also a scandal, a threat, lawlessness, impudence and a terror crime that has been said ”the USA will not exit Syria” in the continuation of the statements based on the armed terrorist elements. This is an arrogant statement that threats Syria and Turkey before Russia. This is the proof that the USA which is supposed to be the center of democracy is the foremost center of terror, pain, persecution, savagery, massacres, exploitation in reality… And even the people of the USA are under the domination of the terrorist leaders in the USA, that they have lost their democracy and freedom…

The parties in the world have the right to make military interventions to save all the world humanity, especially the people of the USA from the terrorist leaders in the USA. In fact, it is a humane, conscientious, legal duty rather than a right.

It is not even a big deal to overcome a handful of satanist, terrorist, massacrist, plunderer authorities of the USA who afraid of their own shadows.

It is a cause of war on its own that the USA explicitly provided weapon, ammunition, training support to the armed terrorists that are so-called kurd, armenian in reality by hitting our nerves until today. It is a also a cause of war that they continue to do this and that the statements are from the official mouths. The reason Turkey did not interfere with the invasion and the inhumane terrorist activities of the USA is because of the betrayals of Devlet Bohçalı and Tayyip who is his dog.

Turkey have the legal right to destroy the elements of YPG and The USA in the region simultaneously, whenever it wants. Any goverment/leader or lawyer in the world who argue the opposite of this are exposing themselves. Because the shocking truth is certainly before the eyes of every honest and conscientious person. YPG and similar organizations explicitly carried out terror and black money activities from the beginning and the USA has organized them from the beginning, supported, trained and used them for its dirty businesses. As the result what they did, Syria and the nations of Turkey had the most pain and damage.

As long as the USA wants to continue to occupation in Syria and continue to make reckless/imprudent statements, the probability of a legitimate military intervention of Turkey is very high. The members of the Russian army entered the region to stay at the side of Syrian people supposedly, but it is before the eyes that they involved in illegal, bloody, black, dirty businesses with YPG and the similar organizations like the USA did. We do not have to tolerate the two bloodthirsty and brutal countries’ bloody and black money battle on our border and the damage they cause, and no one can compel us to this. The brutal elements of the Russian army also is a legitimate target for Turkey.

The USA’s intervention in Syria is illegal, it is an invasion from the beginning, just like its interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan. That alone could be a legitimate reason for military interventions of Turkey to the elements of the USA in Syria. The USA is one of the invader elements in Syria.

The USA have to pay for the blood it shed, the property it has destroyed/burned. The relevant authorities and the former authorities of the USA will stand in trial and will be punished by the International Court.

Istanbul will not let anyone get away with what they did. Istanbul will never allow the USA or any other country to create terror organizations within the borders of Turkey or near the borders, never allow to arm, train and use them as tools and also use them for every kind of black money businesses including human trafficking and organ smuggling.

Istanbul also will not allow the arrogants/terrorists who somehow have been given the title of government official, the lawless invaders to make terroristic statements or threats against here and there by relying on the terrorists in the region.

From now on, all the military and political elements of the USA and Russia and all the terrorists groups, including the so-called opponents and kurds should take precautions if they can, against the legitimate armed interventions of Turkey and its true allies.

This bloodshed and exploitation will stop immediately, the violence will end immediately, Turkey and the region will be free immediately. No matter who will die, no matter which governments and states will collapse, no matter which leaders will be hung… Even if the third world war will break out, even if hundreds of millions of people will die, I will clear this region, within a very short time.

If there is anyone left who says ”he cannot”, he should step forward, show himself. Those who are sane should leave the region and return to their country, immediately.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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