I won’t let them stay in power

İktidarda kalmalarına izin vermeyeceğim

The Ankebut Cult financially supports AKPKK and the gang of six through Asad and Syria lately and funding them to bring them to power when its necessary. They hold the gang of six that is made up of a handful of sellouts and illegitimate children with this money, and colluding them with Tayyip. That is why they displayed indifferent attitude toward the violation of the Constitution. They made up fake statements when they hit the hard rock. They will try everything not to stand behind these words. If they still cannot have the control, then England will try to bring them in power.

I will neither allow the gang of AKPKK-MHPKK to stay in power nor the gang of six who is no different from them. Especially, the business world must be aware of this.

I have sincerely and honestly said the same things to the parties that I had meetings by using metaphysical techniques.

One of my conditions was “move your country’s capitals abroad from Turkey for a temporary period, even the black money controlled by the mafias. You will come back when I put things in order and you will work under better conditions. And you will earn more”…

I have told at every opportunity that they shouldn’t stand with the Ankara government, that it would have been a huge disservice to the turkish nation… I am now starting to rapidly break down their system, income in our country of those who stand with the Ankara government by not withdrawing their capitals. I will cause massive problems. Only metaphysics cause them great trouble, ruin them but I will target everything, even their factories, machines, cars, offices, employees, their cash in the banks. Their private planes and helicopters will be unable to fly. Even their storages and the products in those will burn in the constant fires. The cars, the devices they manufacture in Turkey and sell inside and outside the country will break down. They will lose all the money that they didn’t move abroad. They will fall into bankruptcy. They will have great legal troubles.

There is a powerful group in China that wants to move forward with Istanbul. This group also connected to the aliens in the background.

The alien groups who have the control of China are in disagreement both under and above the ground. There is a serious fight among themselves and it can deceive the political commentators and their comments about China. Because the balance above the ground in China depends on the parties under the ground. There are the same balances for both the South and the North Korea, and Japan and Taiwan. These are the countries controlling by the balances of the underground parties.

It is possible for NATO to send the North Korea over China by agreement with the North Korea. There is a possibility that nuclear weapons can be used in this war. If that will happen, the balances under the ground will cause this.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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