It is a cause of war

It is a cause of war between Turkey and Greece that Greece haven’t deported the members of FETO back to Turkey for years.

It is also a cause of war between Turkey and Greece that Greece has been protecting, feeding and using PKK for all these years.

It is legitimate and a requirement of law for Turkey to clear Greece from terror, to eliminate the struggle of disrupting its territorial integrity through Greece, to establish security of the Turkish nation in this way, even though it is dozens of years late. It is a very late right, infact a duty.

All the lands called Greece are our lands under occupation. And the current political authority in Greece is not a legitimate government and it is a terror organization. It is illegal, brutal and it requires an intervention what has been done to the Turkish/muslim elements for tens of years who live in the borders of Greece.

The tool of London must be eliminated now.

No mercy will be shown to the people of Greece. We will intervene as harsh as it requires.

I have warn them many times. I extended a hand to them in a noble way when they least expected.

They didn’t even care. They didn’t overthrow a handful of evil people who became the heads of their state. They didn’t even have a serious fight against them.

The Greek people do not deserve favor. They are not even influenced by justice, dignity, goodness. It doesn’t make them diligent even to know that they are dragging into disasters. And they chose their own end.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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