Time is up!

We will take back our lands and islands which is under occupation and called Greece.

If we have to overthrow Russia and AKPKK at the same time, which we have to, we will take Greece and South Azerbaijan and our other lands under occupation immediately afterwards. There is no turning back. Both Russia and AKPKK are about to collapse with only one blow…

Even if the tension, the conflict spread throughout the world and grow enormously, there is no turning back.

If the armed forces chief of Greece came to our island two step away from us, putting on a show and the traitor Ankara government don’t even see it and working with the occupying armed forces chief from the background, if they don’t give the necessary response and don’t let anyone to… If they are doing this, even though they’re colluding with the Greek, keep the atmosphere tense… It has been proven in this way that they have been colluding with the Greek from the beginning… Then, it’s time to solve the problem in the center of the problem, in Ankara.

It is time to include Ankara which is under occupation, into our land and our state again, before our other lands called Greece and South Azerbaijan.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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