Sayha is something that has been seen many times in this world

The 42nd verse of the Surah Qaf has been debated by numerous islamic scholars if it is about Mahdi or the Apocalypse since the past. It is still debated today.

The 41st, 42nd and 43rd verses of the surah Qaf both about the Apocalypse and how the Apocalypse will happen and it’s about Hz. Mahdi who will emerge with a “great event”…

The “blast” in the 42nd verse of the surah Qaf is an event which occured many times in the past of the world.

What Israfil (Raphael) who is one of the four main Angels in islam will blow is also a blast… In fact, the actual blast is this one but he is not the only one who can cause blasts. To date, some of the prophets caused partial blasts at a lower level. Also, some great walis (holy men) caused blasts. Hz. Mahdi and some of his companions will be able to do the same. As I said, the “Dukhan” event which is reported in the hadiths and a Qur’an verse that it will occur is also a blast. And dabbatul-ard and Hz. Mahdi is the same person.

The blasts interfere with the energy, atoms of matter. The event we called the Apocalypse is a blast that will happen with the blow of Israfil (as) and it is the biggest and the last blast…

We don’t know what the horn is but the blow is not something as we understand it. Allah knows best but it is my understanding that Israfil (as) will suddenly spread a very powerful energy. That way, the Apocalypse will happen not only in our world, in our galaxy or in space, it will happen everywhere including all the layers of the sky. Everything will disappear which means everything will be invisible when atomized to particles. Being invisible is not extinction.

Everything will be atomized to particles and will be invisible, though people and people’s eyes will be atomized. There will be no one alive, all the planets, suns, galaxies, the entire space and even the layers of the sky will be atomized including everything living and non-living. But, those atoms will not be disappeared completely and the second blow of Israfil (as) which means that he will cause a second blast, these atoms will combine together.

If we will look at it this way, it will be better understood that the blast is an energy that ruins the bond between the atoms and it is an energy that eliminate the matter by spreading the atoms which constitute matter.

This is one of the ways many tribes were destroyed in the past. A blast happened to them and their boddies suddenly atomized and they died and disappeared with no corpse.

The words “blast, qariah” in the Qur’an verses are about these shocking truths. These words don’t mean quake, earthquake or scream. It means a sound/shock energy that ruin the atoms or dispersion.

The tribe of Thamud which is the continuation of the tribe of ‘Ad had a very high science and technology.

They produced and used high technology weapons similar to the beam weapons that we have today.

The event about a rock which the camel of Prophet Salih (as) emerged from was also a blast…

They didn’t believe the prophet Salih (as) and they called him insane, mentally disturbed and a liar. They were mocking him. They were not listening to the advices of the prophet Salih (as).

When the famous event mentioned in the verse, they said “If you are a prophet, show us a miracle” and they promised to believe him if he will show them a miracle.

When the prophet Salih (as) said what kind of miracle do you demand? They said something cannot be done with technology, the secret interventions of the jinn or with magic.

They wanted him to bring back the she-camel which they shot with a gun and disappeared. They said: “We won’t believe you untill you bring a she-camel out of the center of this rock.” They said, “Ask your Lord to make a she camel, which must be 10 months pregnant, tall and attractive, issue from the rock for us.”

The prophet Salih asked Allah to bring the desired camel. Then suddenly the mountain was split open with a loud noise and a pregnant she-camel which was atomized and dead came out of the mountain. It means that the prophet Salih sent a miraculous blast. Moreover, the atoms of the camel combined together as its former state when it was alive. After a while, the camel had a healthy baby.

The disbelievers from the Thamud were shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they see the same pregnant she-camel but they didn’t keep their promise and didn’t believe him. Only a few people among them believed. But those who didn’t believe were so shocked that they could no longer call the prophet Salih insane. Even though they didn’t believe him, they started to obey his words.

So, the Apocalypse will happen with an enormous blast that will be spreaded as a result of the horn that will be blown. Israfil (as) will blow the horn once again after the Apocalypse and again, an enormous blast will spread. At the time, everything will return to its former state. The atoms of everything will combine together.

The Universe that will be atomized after the first blast will return to its former state due to its atoms that will combine together, it will be recreated with the second blast. If the planet earth will continue to exist when the Apocalypse happened, its atoms also will combine together and it will return to its former state. If Mfs will completed all of his projects before the Apocalypse, the projects will return in its former state when the world will be recreated. The cannals, the Straits, the artificial lakes and the artificial seas will not be disappeared.

Everything beneficial and harmful in the world will be recreated in its former states before the Apocalypse happened. All the animal species in the world before the Apocalypse will return to the world where they were and will continue to live and continue to breed as in the example of the she-camel.

But, even though the atoms of the humans’ boddies will be combined together again which is resurrection that will happen, the humans that will be returned to the world will not stay long in the world. They will be trialed and will go to heaven or hell.

Time will pass as much as Allah want. The world will stay empty for a while. Then, Allah recreate a different and a new Adam and a new Eve and send them to this planet. Then, new humans and jinns will come into the world and they will be tested until the Apocalypse of the generation of the new Adam happen. They will not be those humans, jinns who lived in the past. The nations/ummahs who experienced the Apocalypse, who tried and placed in heaven or hell will never be sent back to the world.

This system happened at least millions of times until now. The Apocalypses that we can also call enormous blasts occured at least millions of times before us. Millions of sons of Adams have been tested and now they are in heaven or hell. These are the people our prophet saw in heaven or hell under torment during the miracle of Al Isra. They are the sons of different Adams who lived here before us.

When the second blow will occur, when the people recreated, when the people’s rotten and atomized boddies will return their former states, when the souls will be put to the boddies again… When they will be trialed fairly and placed in heaven or hell… When time will pass after the world will be with no humans… And then, when the new Adam and Eve will be sent to the world… If there will be no disaster or disasters that destroy the earth during the time, then the new Adam and Eve will be sent to an organized and shaped world with high technology.

They will find power plants, bridges, roads, underground cities, libraries, digital libraries, air and land vehicles, hospitals and military facilities when they come to the world. If they carry out excavation works, they will find millions and even billions of years old hand tools, cities, caves, tunnels, animal and human remains.

It happened this way when our father Adam came to the world. Our father Adam lived in cities, buildings, huge facilities, libraries built with very high technology. Because everything atomized because of the blast returned its former states when the atoms combine together during the resurrection process.

This way, our father Adam travelled to Venus and other planets by using one of the remaining spaceships shortly after he came to the world. There is still humanity in Venus and they have the exact same appearance as the human race…

A very high number of people heard, understood and accepted that the moon which is the satellite of the world is an artificial satellite and it is at least 4 billion years old.

The moon was built by one from the previous Adam generations who lived millions of years ago. Apocalypse happened millions of times during the process, different Adams have sent to the world, their generations lived and tested here but no harm has been done to the moon. After the second blow of Israfil, it was recreated in the same place and in its same state when Apocalypse happened.

It returned to its former state with all its details to the dents, rocks and marks it has on it. The atoms of the moon combined together in exact the same state when it was atomized and disappeared.

I explain this more openly for the understanding of it. If someone doesn’t want the next generation to reach the moon… Then, he has to bomb the moon, tear it apart or dismantle all the parts of it before the Apocalypse happen. If he does this, there will be no moon after the second blow of Israfil because of there was no moon during the Apocalypse.

It should now be clear what the blast and qariah are and the working system of the universe is and I will add this:

Allah knows best but I understand that Hz. Mahdi will spread blasts when he will emerge and he will cause incredible events in different parts of the world and even many cities and people can be destroyed due to these events.

I evaluate that the time is near, we will see what happens.

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