Huge projects to be completed in a short time in Istanbul

While doing the projects, we will turn mountains, stones, rocks into lava. For this purpose, we will use the tools and technologies I described earlier.

At hundreds of different points, lava channels will be formed flowing down from the higher parts. There will be units that take the lava and load it into crates on the routes where the lava flows into. There will be no people in the vehicles that will turn the rocks and stones into lava, and also there will be no people in the units that will load the flowing lava into crates.

The lavas will be filled into special crates, which are similar to containers in appearance, but both their material and properties are very different. There will be special coatings on the inner parts of these cases that do not easily transfer heat to the outer surface, and are also resistant to load / strain. This technology also exists on earth today.

Representative picture…

Then thousands of them will be placed at equal intervals on the sea platform, which is made under very concrete and special conditions. Already on the upper surface of the sea platform, there will be additional features that allow containers to be placed with full accuracy and instantly locked/fixed in place.

The upper lids of these cases will be able to be opened in one piece, and they will be easily detachable from the body. On the inside of the upper covers, pipes will be placed from the narrow edge to the opposite narrow edge. The pipes will be made of a metal that is resistant to high temperature.

Because, along the way, the heat of these lavas will be converted into energy. The pipes that remain inside the vaults but do not directly contact the lava will get very hot. Seawater will pass through them in a pressurized manner and as a result, very high-pressure and uninterrupted steam will be formed in the last part of this pipeline. This powerful steam will also run powerful and large generators.

The high-power electrical energy obtained from powerful generators will feed hundreds of large electric motors that will move the platform. In this way, the whole platform will go on its way for a long time, apart from its own energy generation system and by being fed with such abundant and free energy.

In this way, the platform will be able to go very quickly without using diesel, without causing excessively high costs. Since electric motors will be preferred, they will not harm the environment, either.

Instead of thousands of trucks transporting lava from lands in a dangerous way, and using diesel at the same time… Instead of employing dozens of truck drivers… Instead of a huge cost that the truck drivers will cause… Instead of paying for accidents, malfunctions, maintenance, tires, spare parts, insurance, taxes, bridge and road tolls… This system I’m describing will handle these things collectively and safely and almost for free.

(Representative photo)

There is also more…

These vaults will be produced in a robust and long-lasting way from the beginning. Different features will be added to them while they are being made. These vaults will heat the lava from place to place by consuming little electrical energy and using an advanced induction heating system. When the temperature inside the vault goes below a certain level, a very small part of the electricity obtained through the vaults will be used to heat the lava inside the vaults.

The technical people have already understood what will be changed and discovered from this point.

I explained it this way so that the issue can be understood in the simplest way, but actually this will not be the case…

While the platform is being built from the very beginning, it will be made under very special conditions. When a vault is brought and placed on it, there will be parts that lock to each other/attach it at many points of the platform.

At that moment, the piping system of the vault and the piping system circulating under the platform will also pass through and lock to each other. With this, the crates will be placed on the platform and there will be no workmanship such as bringing, connecting, disassembling additional pipes and there will be no bad image. It will be almost like, the heat capsules necessary for the operation of the platform will be installed in slots on the surface of the platform.

Everything will be done, taken care of not on the surface of the platform but in the plumbing section under the platform. And the pipes will already be strong enough to withstand high heat, steam and pressure for centuries. Both the pipeline that supplies the seawater to the vault and the pipeline that drains the heated water and steam will also be at the bottom of the platform.

Then the platform will go non-stop to the target point hundreds of kilometers or thousands of kilometers away and at almost zero cost. At this time, the number of platform employees will also be very small. It will deliver thousands of vaults. These vaults will be transferred to another platform that is anchored/fixed there and is making the foundation of the fixed artificial island.

Like this, dozens of fixed artificial islands will be built even just around us. On the one hand, corrections and refills will be made on the maritime borders of many countries. Then the work will go as far as making huge stationary artificial islands in the oceans.

We will also use different techniques.

When we want, we will fill the lava into vaults that are made a little differently and used for mold purposes. We’ll leave the top hatches open. We will make sure that it cools down and solidifies as quickly as possible. Then we will transport huge rocks made into molds, in cold/rock form. We will also lay it in the necessary places while it is cold.

We will use these molded rocks when making floors, making walls to withstand high water pressure, arranging coastlines, making breakwaters or for different purposes.

I think it is understood. The number of employees will be small. There will be a very small number of trucks and construction machines. There will also be very few drivers. The number of vehicles and construction machines using diesel or gasoline will also be very small. There will be very little shipping by land. One end of the construction sites will always be connected to the canals or the seas, transportation will mostly be done on the water and collectively. There will be no problems in residential areas where people live.

These huge projects will cost much, much less than some people think and will take a very, very short time.

Since one side of the construction sites is always the border to the sea or the canal, plenty of electric energy and clean water will be produced by using seawater. These will also be produced so cheaply that it will be almost for free. The various systems of the construction site will have used electricity very cheaply. In addition, many vehicles on the construction site will also work directly connected to the power line. Time and money will not be lost with worthless batteries.

There will be vaults on the construction site that look as if they are flying through the air. Vaults with no wheels, driver’s cab, engine, shaft, they will look like they are flying through the air. They will transport up to half a meter above the ground without rubbing on the ground and without causing danger to anyone.

Because there will be roads equipped with artificial magnets and with electromagnetic systems. The vaults will have artificial magnets and they will move in the air by interacting with the magnetic field on the road. Just like two magnets with the same poles facing each other repel each other… This will be like a revolution and will provide trillions of dollars of economy in total. It will also speed things up a lot, make it easier. It will also reduce accidents a lot.

The fact that the roads on the construction site are broken / bumpy, stony, watery, muddy / swampy will no longer be a problem. They will probably take the mining trucks as big as that building, their huge tires to the antique museum.

If you choose the right types of stones, melt them with the right/accurate methods/techniques and turn them into lava, pour the lava into the mold in the right way and cool it, can you build the feet of those huge arched bridges with the cast stone method?

If you can build it, will that stone foot be strong enough? Does it carry enough load? Do cracks appear? How resillient would it be to sea water?

If you can do this in the most accurate way after the trials, how many years will the life of that bridge feet be approximately?

A thousand years?
Three thousand years?

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