Putin, his gang and Russia will collapse in a very short time

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Last week, Putin, the president of Russia changed his plans and have visited Tula instead of Nizhny Tagil and Yekaterinburg.

The plans are changed because of the president’s ill health. He had the flu and the doctors who feared if his health worsens advised the president not to stress out for a few days.

Because Putin was unable to cancel the events for some reasons, they have arranged a visit to Tula. I can say that Tula was not accidentally chosen.

Alexei Dyumin who is the mayor of the region of Tula is not only the former bodyguard of Putin, he also managed the Presidency Security Service and was also the personal aide of the president.

Dyumin organized the president’s visit to Tula without any problem. He acted with the president’s stunt as a reliable person who knows how to manage the protection of the president and he managed to make the real Putin move freely.

Putin attented the events as much as he could, more correctly, he didn’t attend in practice. In reality, he replaced himself with a stunt who jump to armored cars and high stairs who is an extremely active stunt. Therefore, the one who was in the broadcast was not the president but the stunt.

The president had a peaceful weekend and he felt better in the sunday evening. It is possible that Putin will be healed from the flu but this cannot be said about the other diseases of the president such as schizoaffective, parkinson’s disease and oncology.

It is the post of a Russian news channel who follows the agenda of Russia and its political developments to the background of it…

The function of the Russian state system and the army system already collapsed and if there would be the real Putin, he would be dead by now for thousands of time.

He would be taken off the game by now and the government in Russia would have changed already.

It is not a problem, the process has extended a little bit. All the countries, governments, leaders, big companies and the secret cults who have been challenging against Istanbul have collapsed simultaneously and they will continue to be.

There is no obstacle against us to carry out a military campaign in Greece.

We closely follow the field around the world if there will be one or two parties who can stop us and if they can dare this.

And so far, only thing they could is a very weak metaphysical attack… It’s a good thing they did it because with this, we are killing all of the metaphysicists left of them.

Though, it was beneficial for us that they have been standing against us on some of the issues. Those who stood against us and those who challenged us have lost their power.

By the way, not all of those who look like the stunts of Putin are stunts. Some of them are bionic robots. In the last process, the bionic robots are extremely exposing our metaphysical signals and breaking down and it is not easy to quickly build the new ones and to send them to the field at every time. They have serious problems.

Also the places and the system of most of the alien groups which they build bionic robots and the technical personnel who work in those places have taken heavy blows from us.

Also, the aliens inside the bionic robots replaced the world leaders are in bad condition. They get exposed to our metaphysical signals in a very short time. There are aliens who are crying and cursing not to get in the bionic robots and not to continue to their duty. They say, “We don’t want to die in these bionic robots.”

I have been writing this for a long time and it can be seen in my previous articles that more than one aliens can get in a bionic robot in only one day. Because only one person cannot carry the metaphysical burden. The frequent changes of the aliens who get in the bionic robots cause people think several stunts who display different behaviors are used.

Lately, several parties and especially the Ukrainian intelligence officers claim that the stunts of the real Putin are in the field but this is the real fact in the background.

In reality, both Putin and Russia doesn’t exist in the field anymore. The parties, countries, mafias, religious groups who are connected to the Ankebut Cult who are colluding each other are trying to protect Russia and Putin from an open collapse and destruction. They are spending time, teams and money for the job that they cannot get a positive result. They are spending their last opportunity for this illogical move.

Istanbul who is the only influential party in Turkiye which is a very critical country said, “Turkiye will fully comply with the sanctions that will be imposed to Russia.” and look at the silence and hypocrisy in the world’s politics. Everyone should have been going hard at Russia since yesterday and as of now, Putin and his gang must have been overthrown in Russia.

As I said, they can only extend the process a little longer. The result will not change. Very soon, Putin, his gang and Russia will openly collapse.

The resistance of the administrators of Kazakhistan to not make moves in accordance with Istanbul simultaneously makes me nervous.

I will wait a little longer and then, I will turn Kazakhistan into a hell. People will fill the streets. No bionic robots programmed to be an enemy of islam and the Turks will be able to stay at the head of Kazakhistan.

All the Turkic world and especially Kazakhistan will have the same stance that Istanbul have on the Greece issue. They will display the stance publicly. They will deteriorate their relations with Russia rapidly.

The USA, the UN, NATO, England or whoever will conflict with us when we destroy the military buildups of the USA and NATO in Greece must be prepared now to the military conflicts.

Because, there is no turning back from this. Even if the third world war will break out which I do want it to break out, we will take back our lands called the main land of Greece. We will destroy all the enemy elements in the country without distinguishing them.

We will take the South Azerbaijan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Bulgaria, either. Come on then, let it break out.

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