Treasures, historical artifacts, historical facts

That works for us too.

We will develop water crafts and water robots to unearth the treasures and historical artifacts u der the ground from when the Mediterranean Sea was a not a sea but a land.

We will do the same works under the Khazar sea in the next stage. The next models of the vehicles that we will develop for the expansion project of the Istanbul Strait and to build canals to the Khazar Sea will meet our needs to unearth the treasures and historical artifacts. We will enrich and strengthen our state/people and our true allies on the one hand and on the other hand, we will reveal the real world/humanity history concretely. We will use technologies to collapse the underground alien cities with the interventions from the bottom of the sea the next stage.

Therefore, the projects of some to dry the Khazar sea and even Mediterranean sea don’t bother me at all. It is more favourable for us to keep them dried for some time. It would be very hard to dry the Mediterranean sea. The bad-intentioned interventions must be made openly… Even if there will be lava explosions at the Strait of Gibraltar and Suez Canal and if it would block the connections between the Mediterranean sea and the oceans, there would be no problem. We wouldn’t touch the ground for a while, we would do the same work that we do on dry lands and then open the parts that blocked it to the oceans. We can turn the regions into sea as long as the oceans exist. We can use this opportunity to level the floor, build undersea facilities and make mining operations… We can do so much more… We will connect the Black Sea to the Khazar Sea and the Khazar Sea to the Strait of Gibraltar. This way, we will connect the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea to the oceans. No matter from where you look at it, the plans and the efforts to dry the Mediterranean Sea and the Khazar Sea are futile attempts… That wouldn’t work… Even the Lake Urmia have been dried in vain. Very soon, we will turn the Lake Urmia a so much more beautiful and lively place than it was before…

And speaking of the Mediterranean Sea… We used to call the Aegean Sea the Mediterranean Sea. Then, they change its name to the Aegean Sea. The sentence of mine above includes the land called the Aegean Sea.

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