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Soon after, giant projects will be started in Syria, Iraq and the South Azerbaijan one after the other. Belde-i tayyibe or Mesopotamia, as some say, will be back on its feet again, rapidly. Simultaneous projects will begin in various sectors/fileds. You should begin to meet, negotiate with Asad, take your place in those projects, now.

In our law and tradition, even the real brothers put it on paper when they do business together. It’s not about trust. Something bad can happen at a time we didn’t expect and sometimes it happens to people. I wouldn’t want neither the Asad’s side nor you to have any problems/disagreements. I also wouldn’t want to waste time with disagreements. Therefore, you should work as it should be and you should take the documents recognised as valid by the Syria government on your every move.

Have no doubt, the authority will be restored in all over Syria again, very soon and population will increase everywhere again in Syria. The purchases will increase in Syria, even before the projects in question is started. The infrastructure, the superstructure, the cities/buildings of the whole Syria will be rebuilt. There are endless works/sectors and income in Syria… And the projects will be started right after.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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