It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either

There is a variety of possibilities. There are confirmed businesses that would take at least tens of years. There are so many mining businesses. Very precious mines, healing natural gemstones, treasures, artifacts will be found in these huge operation fields…

We will move forward into the inner parts of Asia to solve the problems fundamentally. We will relieve both our country and people and our true allies financially and spiritually.

We will grind the Mount Elbrus runs along the Mediterranean Sea and Khazar Sea not immediately but over time.

It stands in front of us like a very high, very wide, very long and very though giant but we will start to work this part of the job after we develop the technology that will make the job easier. By then, there will be no Putin and his gang and even no Russian Federation left.

We need the stones that will be left from the mountain. We will build so many artificial islands in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Khazar Sea. The stones and rocks will make our job a lot easier and decrease the expenses. We will be able to transfer them on the sea and on the canals.

Despite common belief, China will not be disturbed by these projects. These projects win them a lot and actually they should cover most of the expenses. Or they should shoulder the burden by using their own means or should not ask for any reward.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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